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In the spring of 2019, John exploded into the world of education publishing with EDrenaline Rush: Game-Changing Student Engagement Inspired by Theme Parks, Mud Runs, and Escape Rooms. In July of 2020, Book Authority ranked EDrenaline Rush among the top 20 titles on their list of the “100 Best Teaching Books of All Time.” True to his boundless form of perpetual motion, John has shown no signs of slowing up in the time since — criss-crossing the United States to visit dozens of schools and districts to bring his action-packed pedagogy to educators of every course and content area. Members of the EMC² Learning community have immediate lifetime access to a power-packed book study for this high energy instructional playbook, which makes this a great place to start your self-guided courses through the site’s ever-expanding collection of on-demand PD. And the best part is that you can even watch the videos at 3/4 speed to help slow John’s excitement down! 


Since its release in December of 2015, Michael’s eXPlore Like a Pirate: Gamification and Game-Inspired Course Design to Engage, Enrich and Elevate Your Learners has gone on to inspire thousands of educators around the world. The book is routinely ranked on the short list of the top titles in the field of educational gamification, and Michael has spent the past six years giving educational and conference presentations all around the United States to help bring it’s message to teachers from all walks of life. As a member of the EMC² Learning community, you’ll have lifetime access to an exclusive chapter-by-chapter book study of this epic guide map for classroom gamification. Featuring exclusive video supplements, lesson planning ideas, and never-before shared templates — this resource-rich resource is loaded with practical ways to help you begin your gamification journey! And it’s included in your annual site membership as both a Tinker Teacher or an Engagement Engineer.



Imagine a class-wide escape room — in reverse. Rather than serving as an end of unit activity, the #QRBreakIN pedagogy replaces the need for direct instruction with a high energy spin on an old-school centers activity. That means no more “3-2-1 rotate,” no more waiting around for other groups to get work done, and no more time for student teams to wander off task while rival squads make their way through modular activities. This course will walk you through everything you need to change the game with a #QRBreakIN in your classroom!



Let’s face it: it’s hard to replicate the energy and excitement of being there live and in-person for a must-see classroom activity. And in spite of teachers’ best efforts, virtual and hybrid teaching often fall short of their intended goal of bringing EVERYONE into the classroom from the farthest corners of the internet. In this course, we’ll walk you through a boatload of resources and teaching techniques that you can use to get students excited to take part in their learning — even if they’re miles away from your building!



Dipping your toes into game-inspired lesson planning or running a fully gamified classroom? You’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve to craft an experience that feels more immersive and game-like. This course is designed to provide you with everything you’ll need to get the job done right. Featuring step-by-step lesson planning ideas, bite-sized instructional videos to walk you through game design fundamentals, and pop-and-swap templates for crafting items and power-ups of your own — this class is an awesome go-to for all things gamification.



With the advent of virtual learning and hybrid teaching, clear lines of communication simply could not be more important. Now more than ever, students find themselves overwhelmed with endless slide decks to navigate at their own pace, far too often plagued by giant blocks of texts. That’s bad news for teachers using slideshows and hoping to get their message to resonate above the fray. And this course is designed to help you master some lightning quick fixes to help guarantee that your slides stand out from the pack.



From sour-faced Silver Medalists  down-on-their-luck gamblers helplessly pulling the levers at the penny slots, there’s actually a ton of research science behind how and why our brains are hard-wired to respond to the phenomenon of coming *ohsoclose* only to find ourselves on the outside looking in. This self-guided course provides teachers with a fun and insightful look at the psychology behind how our minds respond to near misses and endowed progress, and helps you harness these unlikely superpowers to design lessons that can really hook your students’ attention!



Timeless teaching with a game-inspired upgrade? You betcha! In this course, you’ll get everything you’ll need to know on how to take this staple of ancient classrooms into a brave new world that students simply cannot wait to explore. Whether you’re making tiny tweaks with the Microlab protocol, exploring complex themes with the help of Empathy Maps, or tapping into the game-changing potential of cutting edge conversation software — this class offers a boatload of strategies to help you turn a sleepy seminar into a must-see event.



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