Carol McLaughlin – Kindergarten – 5th

Carol McLaughlin has spent 32 years teaching grades K-5 (yes, ALL of the grades!) in the elementary school classroom. With more than three decades of teaching experience under her belt, she’s certainly seen all sorts of education trends come and go. Still, her love for this noble profession year after year is just as palpable as it ever was. Though she’s a powerhouse of creative energy, this veteran educator has come to swear by the fully editable resources available inside of the EMC² Learning library. After all, longtime classroom vets will be the first to tell you that time is a teacher’s most valuable resource!

Time is Of The Essence

I love being creative, and I have always created lots of my materials. However, this takes LOTS of time and I was not able to create them as quickly as I wanted. They also did not look as good as I wanted to look. It felt like I was always just keeping my head above the water and treading water like mad trying to keep up.

Quality, Collections, and Coaching

I have used many resource sites. EMC² Learning is different in many ways. The quality of the resources are beyond anything I have seen before. Also, the creators of EMC² Learning are constantly updating the site with new resources and also new versions of site favorites. Resource collections are very easy to search, and are likewise sorted into easy to navigate themes so those of us that gamify our entire year of teaching can seamlessly plug individual activities right into our games (even if you aren’t gamifying the entire year, you can easily fit them to your content). But the biggest difference is the built-in help and coaching. EMC² Learning has coaching sessions on specific topics to help you grow as an educator and session to just brainstorm ideas with other innovative educators on the site.

I have the rare chance to see how these resources can work across all content areas and multiple grade levels. I teach in a small, private school and my students are in grades K-5. I have used activities from EMC² Learning with all my grade levels, but use it the most with my students in grades 3-5. Because the resources are SO open-ended, I can quickly create activities with questions to fit all my students. They are all engaged and beg to work more because of the way the activity formats the learning experience. 

EMC² Learning is my first stop when I am wanting to create a learning experience for my students. I still add my own personality and ideas to the resource which makes it fun for me, but the framework is done. It is just nice to have ONE go to site instead of spending hours researching ideas that don’t exactly fit or look the way I want, or creating everything from scratch.

EMC² Learning is home to more than 600 fully editable resources for any course or content area. Engagement Engineers and members of the Creative Corps enjoy a full year of access to each of these resources on demand. We hope you’ll consider joining us to unlock a full year of site access. For complete details including our exclusive limited time offer for annual site membership, click here.

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