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I'm looking at playing AlphaBids soon. As I look at the power ups, I'm just a little confused at what you were thinking about the "Market Collapse" power up: "Play this power-up to eliminate all words starting with a single letter." What would happen to the team that has that letter? Would you let them choose another letter, assign them one, or make them wait until a new letter goes up for auction? OR am I thinking about this wrong and we are talking about answers that start with just one letter like "a pickle"?

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Thanks David. The Market Collapse is pretty much the "panic button" feature in the game -- and it will straight-up eliminate EVERY word that starts with that particular letter. Effectively, this could force a single team to lose ALL of their progress to date -- at which point the teacher will absolutely need to put a new letter (or two, or three, etc.) up for bid immediately.

If a team is ever out of both money AND does not own any letters, you can simply assign them one -- much like the proverbial "court appointed attorney." But keep in mind that it's totally up to your discretion so that the team receiving the letter doesn't necessarily have to get the best one.

David Isbell Topic starter 08/12/2023 5:58 pm

@meehanedu-2 Thanks! That makes sense! I didn't use the PowerUps when I played it in class, but the kids really enjoyed the game!

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