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I'm in a collaborative group with other coaches and tasked with doing PD focused on having students design the format of their work for authentic audiences using the R.A.F.T. strategy and the gallery walk teaching strategy.  I'd like to showcase some EMC2 tasks that would show creative variations on these topics.  What are some that come to your mind?  So far I've identified 3 Big sheet activities.... Castaway Carousel, Pass and Dash, and Big Sheet Keepaway for gallery walk variations.

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Thanks Melissa! I think you've got an excellent lineup of resources in mind here for starters. I love love LOVE the Castaway Carousel for this activity, as well as the Pass and Dash. Not sure if the Big Sheet Keepaway will be the absolute best choice for this particular instance, however, since there's an element of cancellation scoring that might end up getting in the way of a proper peer review (e.g. things miiiiiight just be a bit too competitive)!

If you're looking for other resources that will make for an EXCELLENT jumping off point for a gallery walk, however, I'd definitely recommend checking out the Giant Number Rumble and/or the Giant Letter Rumble. You might also find success with the Rally Coach Relay and the oversized Tag Team Tagger walls (once the big sheets are completed by their original teams). Outside of the Big Sheet category, you might likewise find success with the Taco Burger Toss Up -- which is an absolute blast for oversized charting activities.

Please keep me posted on how this goes!! You've got an awesome wealth of resources here to help get you started, and I'm very happy to brainstorm with you further if you need additional help.

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