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Go-to Resources for the English Classroom?

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Hi all! I am an 8th grade English teacher, and am wondering what resources from this extensive catalogue have worked particularly well in the English classroom. I am planning to implement story dice soon, as well as try a Resource Rumble and Image Battle Royale activity.

Any specific suggestions for activities would be much appreciated!

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Hey Crosby! John here. Thanks so much for joining the site and I sincerely appreciate your time and enthusiasm. Before making the switch to work for the company full time, I spent 12 years as an English teacher --  so you are definitely speaking my language. I apologize for the delay as I've been traveling out of town to help facilitate PDs with a string of events, and am only just now getting back to my usual routine.

Story Dice are an absolute win for non-literal thinking. Love love love Resource Rumble for review, and the Image Battle Royale is a fantastic choice for deeper meaning. Excellent choices all around here for starters!

Some other personal favorites: I think your students will GEEK OUT over Traps & Treasures (it's an excellent technique for close reading and note taking), as well as the Poker Chip Chase collection (also great for close reading).

For reviews: your students might really enjoy Caveman Grammar and the Superstar Sentence Smackdown. IN place of daily quizzes, I'd definitely give Clothespin Bumper Cars a shot. And to break up a standard lecture driven class into a more game-like feel, you might even give Text Quest a shot. Lots of options for sure, and I'm very happy to offer whatever support or feedback we can to help you out along the way!


I, too, am an 8th-grade ELA teacher and am very thankful for the answer to this question. After finishing the EMC2 Learning Site Navigation 101, I found the Penny Pedagogy to be great for a first try with my class. Before I took the course, I had been looking at The Floor is Lava. I desperately need to get my students engaged, and Kahoots and others just don't seem to do the trick anymore. I also need the students to start thinking at the higher DOK orders as well.  This site may have just saved my job, for real. I am on the to be decided on coming back next year. I am a second-year teacher and am struggling with the engagement aspect of my craft. 


If anyone has used the resources in their 8th grade ELA classes, especially if you have edited the resources for your use, I would love to see what you have done. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to make some big changes in the first few weeks back from Winter break, and I can use all the help I can. We will be doing a class novel reading of "A Wrinkle in Time." I am starting it off with a quick, simple introduction to Einstein's relativity to get them interested in time travel. (I came across this site by accident as I was doing research for simple explanations of E=MC2) If there is a resource that works for introducing a lesson that might work for this, I would love to learn about it. 



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