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Mystery Box link broken?


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When I try to download any of the Mystery Box review activities the download link takes me to the Pyramid Pass and Dash instead. Am I doing something wrong or are others seeing the same thing? I was hoping to use this next week!

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I tried to download the Survival Mystery Box themed activity and I didn't have any luck.  It downloaded as a Zip file instead of making a copy as a Google Slide.

@mkearby-2 This is what should happen. You download that. It is a software we developed for our users. It is seriously one of my favs. You download it and unzip it. Then open the file by clicking the web link inside the folder. It is epic!

Rookie here.... I got the web link inside the folder, but it doesn't open in a file I can edit with all the slides shown on the website. I know it's user error. Please help. 🙂

Disregard! I didn't hit the play button on the slide to get me to the briefcases/bags.


Hello, we are in the process of changing over all of our resource pages. Right now there are two download buttons. Please use the top one not the bottom one. 

@mrmatera-2 I tried the top one as well and downloaded the zip file. I tried opening the HTML file like others have suggested and it just comes up with a black screen. I tried Chrome, Edge, and my phone and they all just show a blank screen. Am I doing something wrong? Doesn't seem like it should be this difficult so I think I'm missing something.

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