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Scrambles or stations implementation


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Hello, I teach 6th grade world cultures (beefed up world geography). Every unit we cover units and cover the 

- geogaphy

- culture/history

- politics/econ 

My question is how would you divide up the stations and centers? We usually break up the elements say 3-4 days each (with the unit lasting roughly 10 days). Would you use the 8 tasks to cover all 3 elements of the content and say allow for 3-4 days of completion, so say 2-3 stations for geography, 2-3 for culture & history etc all done in a big chunk? (our class periods are 45-47min long) so I am assuming after a warm-up  would have about 30min for the stations (thinking 2 per class). Or, would you cut the centers down to say 5 or 6 stations and cover each element individually then cap it off with a big review, so 5 stations for geography & allow for 2 class period then move onto culture etc? I know there probably isn't a "right or wrong" but I am looking for opinions on how to set up the units etc. Thanks!

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