Fun with Foldables!
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Fun with Foldables!

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Hey everyone, I wanted to share an awesome post-novel wrap up activity using the Info Display foldable. I have a class of 16 4th graders and 14 5th graders and each grade level read a different novel simultaneously. After reading the novels, each group discussed the most important events (16 events for 4th and 14 events for 5th). After that, they put the events in sequential order (that was more challenging than you think). Then, each person chose the event, built a diorama scene and added a summary of the event. When we were done, we had the novels, start to finish all lined up to share with the other grade level. Students were engaged and creating and I am amazed at the results. Don't sleep on the foldables, especially, if you want a breather from digital activities!

Posted : 22/11/2023 9:35 pm
Michael Matera
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This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your joy with your students and us. I think these turned out great. I love foldables and try to use them whenever I can. It is a great moment to not be so digital focused as you said.

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Posted : 27/11/2023 6:21 pm
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