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Territory Takedown

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Hi! I am looking to start my first Territory Takedown using the Executive Branch and I had a couple of questions

  1. How detailed or in depth are the tasks that the kids complete?
  2. When it comes to the map, are there multiple spots for tokens within the one page printout or is it just that one page on the printout?  
  3. Can the activity be best used as an intro, review, or for any type of lesson?

Hopefully these questions made sense. I am just trying to visualize how I might use it.


Posted : 29/01/2024 3:48 pm
Michael Matera
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Hello Mike,


So excited to hear you us this resource. It is super flexible. You can have your students to easy or hard tasks. You can make the harder tasks be the ones that are worth more tokens. As for that type of activity is this, it can be used as a review game or it can be used for them to explore things at the start of the unit. 


I think it is so much fun to see how this one has twists and turns. It is bound to be great!  

Posted : 04/02/2024 6:42 pm
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