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Trying to find a template

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Hello all, I hope someone can help me.

I am not sure where I saw this template. It might have been in the training or a video for an overview of a template type, but it has a slide that has poker chips lined up vertically on the left side. Each chip has a literary type that students look for in a text. The points for each chip are hidden until everyone has finished, which is with no more than 25 chips. I have looked high and low for this, even going back through the training that I have already finished, and still can not find it. I tried all the search terms I could think of and had no luck there. Anybody have an idea of what I am talking about?

Posted : 18/02/2024 1:27 am
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Happy to help Kristi!

You're not dreaming or imagining things. The resource collection you're referring to is called "Poker Chip Chase" -- and we've got a bunch of activity variants in the library that are ready for any content you can think to throw their way.

Link is here: Poker Chip Chase

Happy lesson planning!

- JM

Posted : 18/02/2024 11:58 am
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Thank you so much!

Posted : 18/02/2024 3:16 pm
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