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Do PD Differently

Go Way Beyond The One Shot Workshop To Create Lasting Change

Say Goodbye to the Sage on the Stage

Now more than ever, our teachers need top-quality training and support in making the shift to a more inclusive, student-centered model of instruction. Yet in schools and districts around the globe, most teacher professional development amounts to little more than an extended “sit-and-get” lecture about all the things not to do in your classroom. At best, this model is ineffective. At worst, it’s insulting — and research shows that very little of what is learned at these training events — less than 5% — ever makes its way into our actual classrooms.

We know the traditional game of school is in serious need of a shakeup.

EMC² Learning helps schools hit the reset button by providing playful, purposeful PD that mixes onsite training events with a full year of on-demand access to an ever-expanding library of student-centered teaching activities. We blend big picture research with hands-on resources that help teachers start seeing real results in their classrooms. And for schools and districts who are looking to create a lasting change at scale, our partnership program offers a massive platform of on-demand resources and virtual coaching services that go well beyond the one day workshop to help your team start playing with purpose today.


Because Traditional PD Falls Short

  • Costly

    In the U.S. alone, schools spend upwards of $18 billion on teacher professional development each year...

  • Impractical

    But big ideas can be hard to translate into real classrooms, which means that teachers are often left playing catch-up.

  • Inconvenient

    Though top-notch conferences can provide all sorts of insight, they only happen once a year, and rarely in a town near you.

  • Untimely

    And when schools are forced to sacrifice valuable instructional time in exchange for a parade of pre-scheduled PD days...

  • Impersonal

    Teachers are forced to sit through boilerplate presentations led by a total stranger that often fail to meet their needs entirely.


Engage At The Speed of Life

  • Affordable

    Bring national presenters and world class resources to your school, all for far less than the cost of attending a conference

  • Practical

    Start changing the game by learning the why and how behind student-centered, feedback-focused engagement techniques

  • Versatile

    Then turn big picture research into real results with a full year of access to hundreds of activities that work in any classroom

  • On Demand

    Enjoy an ever expanding library of student-centered teaching resources, self-paced skill builder courses, and virtual PD

  • Ongoing

    Tune in for live video coaching, webinars, and members-only listening sessions with the same familiar faces you met on site

Scalable Solutions

Interactive Learning Framework

Rigor Meets Relevancy

Bring award-winning teacher trainers to your next event, then unlock 24/7 access to a direct pipeline full of hundreds of fully editable resources, a library of self-paced skill builder courses, and standing invitation to a full calendar of live instructional coaching webinars throughout the year.

Learners Become Leaders

Maximize the amount of time that your learners spend in those highest levels of thinking. Classrooms become places of joy, enthusiasm, and deep learning -- made possible through pedagogical approaches that help students and teachers alike build confidence and capacity with each new day.

So Much More Than Workbooks

Unlock next level teaching strategies in classrooms powered by student-centered instruction. Explore a massive library of classroom activities, step-by-step lesson implementation guides, members-only webinars, skill builder courses and more. Unleash your teaching potential and watch your students thrive!

of teachers renew their annual site membership year over year

"I love that the EMC² Learning resources are pre-made and easily adaptable, which gives them a high replay value for just about any unit I can think of. And I am especially thankful for the videos that explain how a game is supposed to be played! Once I’ve gotten the hang of a particular activity, I absolutely love it that all I need to do is add my questions and go."
"Today, I can genuinely say that I’m doing the best teaching of my career. My classroom is a place of imagination, challenge, and storytelling. My students LOVE our class game. From Resource Rumbles, to Items, to Boss Battles, I’m able to use the resources to motivate them to do more than they thought they ever thought they could."
"The templates and resources that are available inside the EMC² platform allow me to triple or quadruple the output in my classroom. So much of the visuals, layout and pedagogy is solid and in place. And once you teach your students to work in this manner, they see the excitement, fun, laughter and joy in making the learning process so much fun."
"EMC² Learning is my first stop when I want to create a memorable learning experience for my students. Since the resources are SO open-ended, I can quickly create activities with questions to fit all my students across multiple grade levels. They are all engaged and beg to work more because of the way the activity formats the learning experience."
"The fresh ideas and new ways of engaging students have really pushed me as an educator. I am constantly trying new things, engaging in their content, and learning every day. My students benefit as a result because my classroom is playful but rigorous, high energy but thought-provoking, and above all, student-centered."
"When we returned to in-person instruction after the pandemic, I discovered EMC² Learning. This platform simply could not have come along at a better time. As I began to transition to a more student centered style of teaching, I became excited again about teaching. And that enthusiasm started to spread like wildfire through my classes."
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