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  • 24/7 Resource Library

    Become a member to unlock a full year of on-demand access to all benefits from the moment you join the site

  • Fully Editable Templates

    Hundreds of fully editable activity slideshows help teachers maximize student engagement to any classroom

  • Step by Step Lesson Suggestions

    Step by step lesson plan ideas and tutorial videos to help you start maximizing student engagement with minimal teacher prep

  • Expert Advice for Your Classroom

    Get practical solutions and sample lessons to help you transform educational theory and best practices into reality


Engagement Done Right

Student-Centered for Student Success

Unlock hundreds of fully editable teaching activities to help inspire next level engagement in any classroom. Bolster your instructional playbook while ditching traditional teacher talk in favor of a more playful and purposeful student-centered approach to instruction.

Fully Customizable for Any Content Area

Say goodbye to those low level guessing games of yesteryear. Every resource available inside the EMC² Learning platform will challenge your students to fuse unique knowledge of your course content with the highest levels of creativity.

Tutorial Videos and Activity Walkthroughs

EMC² Learning resources come with step-by-step video and written tutorials, ensuring educators have the guidance they need to make a seamless transition. Elevate your instruction with our on-demand training and fully editable classroom materials today.

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Transform Your Teaching

  • Full Length Book Studies

    Enjoy exclusive videos and chapter by chapter reflection questions for eXPlore Like a Pirate, EDrenaline Rush, and Fully Engaged

  • Members-Only Discussion Forums

    Connect with thousands of fellow educators around the world to talk shop, brainstorm, and level up your teaching game

  • Weekly Members' Newsletter

    New ideas and curated teaching resources are automatically delivered to your inbox every week of the year

  • Online Video Coaching

    Engagement Engineer PLUS members enjoy all of these benefits plus access to dozens of live video coaching events


Alternative Assessments

Rigor Meets Relevancy

Less than 23% of classes at Harvard still make use of traditional seated end-of-semester exams. So why are we still settling for multiple choice? Lose the low level multiple choice and help your students unlock higher order thinking with projects, portfolios, and a whole lot more.

Unlock a World of Imagination

What might your current unit look like if it were transformed into a next-gen video game? Can you invent a brand new, best-selling action figure line inspired by what you’re currently studying? EMC² Learning's fully editable templates challenge students to fuse content knowledge with creativity to take their game to a whole new level.

Never Stop Learning

EMC² Learning is committed to providing today's teachers with the very best in student-centered, feedback focused engagement strategies. And new resources are added every week, so there's always more to discover.


One Platform. Endless Ideas

  • Self Paced Skill Builders

    Binge learn at your leisure with on-demand access to dozens of self-paced video courses

  • Certificates of Completion

    Access PD in your PJ's by completing self-paced video courses, streaming on-demand whenever suits your schedule

  • Community Feedback

    Get timely feedback from real, live human beings! That means no chatbots. No AI. And no endless scrolling through FAQs.

  • Customizable Bookmarks

    Flag and tag your favorite activities directly to your member dashboard for easy access whenever you want them


Go Way Beyond Worksheets

Next Level Literacy

Literacy in its broadest sense describes particular ways of thinking about and doing reading and writing. In short: it’s a foundational skill required in every course and content area. And when it’s taught with a playful twist: it’s a game-changer.

Spectacular STEM Challenges

Explore the wonders of STEM learning in any classroom! Whether you’re building bridges, launching mini marshmallows, or constructing elaborate towers using only the most limited of supplies — EMC² Learning's library of hands-on learning activities offers students a thrilling opportunity to embark on an adventure like never before.

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Connectivity

Modern technology helps people from all corners of the globe connect and collaborate with the push of a button. And today's classrooms need to teach these same valuable team working skills to help our students thrive in the diverse, tech-savvy workforce of tomorrow.

of teachers renew their annual site membership year over year

"I love that the EMC² Learning resources are pre-made and easily adaptable, which gives them a high replay value for just about any unit I can think of. And I am especially thankful for the videos that explain how a game is supposed to be played! Once I’ve gotten the hang of a particular activity, I absolutely love it that all I need to do is add my questions and go."
"Today, I can genuinely say that I’m doing the best teaching of my career. My classroom is a place of imagination, challenge, and storytelling. My students LOVE our class game. From Resource Rumbles, to Items, to Boss Battles, I’m able to use the resources to motivate them to do more than they thought they ever thought they could."
"The templates and resources that are available inside the EMC² platform allow me to triple or quadruple the output in my classroom. So much of the visuals, layout and pedagogy is solid and in place. And once you teach your students to work in this manner, they see the excitement, fun, laughter and joy in making the learning process so much fun."
"EMC² Learning is my first stop when I want to create a memorable learning experience for my students. Since the resources are SO open-ended, I can quickly create activities with questions to fit all my students across multiple grade levels. They are all engaged and beg to work more because of the way the activity formats the learning experience."
"The fresh ideas and new ways of engaging students have really pushed me as an educator. I am constantly trying new things, engaging in their content, and learning every day. My students benefit as a result because my classroom is playful but rigorous, high energy but thought-provoking, and above all, student-centered."
"When we returned to in-person instruction after the pandemic, I discovered EMC² Learning. This platform simply could not have come along at a better time. As I began to transition to a more student centered style of teaching, I became excited again about teaching. And that enthusiasm started to spread like wildfire through my classes."
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When bringing game-like design elements into the classroom, most sites usually offer a flashy user interface to dress up what is really just a parade of low-level multiple choice questions. But beneath the fancy bells and whistles, these games typically reward speedy responses over deeper levels of critical thinking. And when  students are simply asked to buzz in with the correct answer, teachers are left with little more than a high tech 21st century Scantron exam.

In the place of pre-made quizzes, EMC² Learning provides educators with new ways to infuse the best elements of gaming and game design into their teaching techniques. There are no guessing games, no dinky worksheets, and no crass simulations. Every resource is designed to challenge students to fuse content knowledge with creativity. And every activity is fully editable for any course or content area, so you can feel free to remix and reimagine them in any way you'd like.

Unlike those pay-per worksheet websites, the resources offered on EMC² Learning are so much more than a parade of .PDFs where students are merely asked to fill in the blanks. So if you're looking for last minute worksheets with some cute clipart or a unit exam on The Civil War, this is probably not the site for you.

Those sites offer a parade of pre-made slideshows and a bank of traditional low level tests and quizzes, typically sorted by subject area. We provide educators with practical, playful teaching strategies that can easily be adapted for any lesson plan, and the fully editable activity templates to help you maximize student engagement in any classroom.

Put another way: They'll sell you microwave fish sticks that only leave your students hungry for something of substance. We'll teach you how to fish and give you all the tools you'll need to bring home a winner. Every single time. 

We did! From scratch. Over many, many hours on spreadsheets, Zoom sessions, Google Slides presentations, and a ton of after-work-hours visits to the very website you now see before you. It's all backed by some serious pedagogical research by a team of award-winning teacher-authors who've published three best-selling books between them on gamification and game inspired lesson design.

You can learn more about our team right here, or read more about the nice things that teachers around the world are saying about our books here, here, and here.

Gladly. At EMC² Learning, we're proud that all of our resources feature only original artwork assets that have been created in house or been made possible by the work of paid creators who have been duly compensated for their time and artistic talents. That means serious quality control. No cheap clipart. No dinky worksheets. And zero plagiarism.

At EMC² Learning, we begin our design process by viewing every activity first through the lenses of accessibility and inclusion, and then applying the fundamental principles of the UDL framework into every resource that we create. Unfortunately, we've seen far too many game-like solutions that inadvertently create new barriers that can actually prohibit our students from accessing the course content. And sadly, the headlines are full of far too many horror stories of well-intentioned educational "games" that make light of real-life trauma including racism, sexism, ableism, and certain historical topics that are nothing to joke about.

We're committed to help teachers find a better way to play.

When you activate your EMC² Learning account, you unlock immediate access to the entire platform -- and you lock in the ability to renew your membership each year at the exact same annual rate at which you first subscribed to the site.

The EMC² Learning platform is constantly growing with new members, new resources, and new content being added every day. And as the site continues to grow in size and value, the rate for new subscribers is inevitably bound to rise year over year. But once you join the site, your annual site renewal rate is set for life so long as you maintain an active membership.

When you become an Engagement Engineer you get immediate access to everything already inside the platform. That means you'll have 24/7/365 to our entire resource library -- just like you can watch full seasons of binge-worthy TV shows available on your favorite streaming service.

And when new content is added?

Yup. You get immediate access to all of that stuff too.

That means an endless stream of more activities, more courses, more coaching opportunities, and more ways to be awesome all year long. And with hundreds of resources already available from the moment you become a member, you'll be able to hit the ground running with an endless supply of ideas no matter when you join the fun.

Not so much. But we did that on purpose.

We intentionally design instructional activities that are "content agnostic" so that they can quickly and easily be adapted, scaffolded, and scaled to suit the unique needs of any learners and your school or district's curricular standards. Whether you're a fourth grade math teacher or an AP US History classroom -- we've got you covered.

Most other sites sort their libraries based on specific grade level or individual subject. But every activity that EMC² Learning provides is fully editable for any course or content area. This allows teachers to make powerful one-to-one substitutions right into their existing workflow to out trade out traditional teacher talk in favor of more playful and purposeful student-centered instructional techniques with everything from warm-up activities to review games to end-of-unit assessments.

EMC² Learning offers bite size instructional doses of playful, purposeful pedagogy that are designed to be used in conjunction with a wide array of colorful and creative student-centered teaching ideas. We give you the step by step lesson planning tips and the fully editable activity templates -- and you simply fill in the blanks with the unique demands of your course content.

In short: we help teachers take the guess work out of all that behind the scenes planning.

In the length of an average teacher planning period (between 5 to 40 minutes), you'll be up and running with everything you need to know on how, when, where, and why each resource can be uniquely modified to fit into your specific course or content area.

Our playful approach to instructional design reframes traditional teacher talk into high energy student-centered activities, and we've found that this high level of learner autonomy is particularly enriching for students who are comfortable reading independently and following small group instructions.

We like to think of our site as a sort of scaled up Montessori school, and while we sincerely believe there is truly something for everyone in our activity collection, the resources we design at EMC² are probably best suited for upper elementary through high school classrooms (think grades 3-12). That said, you'll also find plenty of things that work with 1st and 2nd graders if you're willing to do a bit of scaffolding.

Yup! The membership includes tons of activities that will work no matter the format. Most of the resources on the site are Google-compatible and can be delivered to students through Google Classroom.

Additionally, we have PD content that will help you leverage distance learning with digital tools. Memberships also give you access to a powerful community and the resources within are set up to support teachers to reach their students in engaging and effective ways.

In an era of education where it can often feel like we're building the plane as we fly it, it probably feels good to have an Engagement Engineer on your side. Don't worry, we've got your back!

"Could" you? Well sure, in theory...

But we kindly ask that you don't share your login credentials with other users. We depend on memberships to help offset the costs of developing top-quality resources and site hosting. And creating open source activities that can modified for members who might be teaching any course or content area takes a boatload of time and financial investment.

Each teacher who wishes to use EMC² Learning materials will be required to have their own membership. It is important that members abide by our legal terms of use by not sharing your login information, so we can keep the membership active and affordable for all teachers. Thank you for your support!

If you do decide to cancel, we will miss you for sure! 

As a member, you are given LICENSE to use any and all of EMC² Learning's resources in your classroom. When you cancel; however, you legally lose access to all of the resources in the membership as well as anything licensing rights to items you had downloaded previously. This means you will not be permitted to use those resources legally in your classroom unless you reactivate your membership.

You can cancel before your renewal date, but there are no refunds. Also, keep in mind that future enrollment periods are not guaranteed.

We are confident, however, that when you see the resources included, the community of teachers you will be part of, and the new items added regularly, you'll be hooked 😊.

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