1 Building Account

$2,500.00 / year


Looking for platform access for more than one user in your building? EMC² Learning’s team access lets you unlock a full year’s subscription to our comprehensive online library of teacher PD resources at the same unbeatable rate as our individual memberships.

How It Works:

Purchase: Name your team and select the number of accounts you’ll need.

Account Setup: Upon purchase, you become the account manager with the authority to invite team members to join your group. No need to manually add individual email addresses or names either —  simply share your private team invite link with your colleagues!

Team Expansion: Add or remove team members as needed, tailoring access to suit individual professional development goals.

Managerial Authority: Appoint additional managers within your team to share the responsibility of overseeing accounts and optimizing the learning experience for all.

If you’re considering buying for multiple buildings, consider exploring our scalable solutions designed for schools and districts. Not only will you enjoy even greater savings, but you’ll also gain access to additional services and support while contributing to larger change initiatives at scale. Fill out our intake and explore form here


Key Features:

Team Empowerment: As the account manager, you have the unique ability to extend the benefits of our premium resources to multiple educators within your department.

Easy Account Management: Seamlessly add and manage team members directly from your account dashboard from the moment you activate your account. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor access and resources based on each educator’s needs.

Collaborative Learning: Foster a collaborative learning environment by connecting educators within your team. Share insights, bookmark and save resources, and join in community forum discussions effortlessly.

Scalable Solutions: Scale your team effortlessly by adding more members or appointing additional managers as your department grows. Your admin account allows you total control to add new members to your team as needed.

Cost-Effective Excellence: Benefit from the same cost-effective rate as individual memberships, ensuring that your entire team receives premium professional development resources without breaking the budget.

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