Low Prep. High Engagement.

Life moves fast. And coming up with just the right combination of creative learning activities and age-appropriate instructional strategies to keep today's students authentically engaged in each new day's lesson plan can be a challenge for even the most veteran educator.

That's where we come in.

EMC² Learning provides a massive library of resources, courses, activities, and templates designed to help you unlock the power of playful pedagogy in your classroom and start driving student engagement through the roof.



Tired of getting charged for each lesson only to find yourself staring at a run of the mill worksheet with a few pretty pictures? EMC² Learning resources are intentionally designed to be fully editable for any course or content area. Engagement Engineers have 24/7/365 access to an ever-growing library of resources, and a vibrant community of dedicated educators to help you change the education game for good.


The EMC² Learning platform contains more than 600 student-centered resources that have been designed to help you remove barriers, increase student engagement, and provide a myriad of creative ways to allow for new means of learner expression and teacher representation. With each activity you use, your classroom becomes more inclusive, accessible, and student-centered.


Teachers are constantly told to make their classrooms more engaging. But most "gamified" online solutions offer little more than low-level guessing games where speed kills. At EMC², we believe that students deserve more than brightly colored multiple choice tests. And we help teachers learn student-centered, feedback focused engagement strategies to give them a better way to play.


Any Course. Any Content Area.

Every resource in the EMC² Learning platform can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your curriculum. Because truly great teaching transcends specific disciplines. And we don't teach content. We teach people.

Fully Editable Activity Templates

EMC² Learning resources are built with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework in mind. Each resource includes step-by-step walkthroughs to help teachers scale and scaffold these activities for any grade level.

Endless Ways to Engage

The EMC² Learning library is home to a staggering collection of 600+ fully editable resources (and counting). Brand new content is being added every week, so there's always a reason to come back and play again and again.


Dozens of Self-Paced Courses

Whether you're mastering the finer points of Project Based Learning or digging deeper into Authentic Engagement in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, there are dozens of courses to choose from inside the EMC² Learning library.

Binge Learn On Demand

Skill Builder courses are completely modular and available on demand, which allows busy teachers the chance to learn at their leisure. Fire up a video during your prep period, and pick right up where you've left off at any time you'd like.

PD Certificates of Completion

Each time you complete a self-paced skill builder, you'll receive a printable Certificate of Completion as proof of your hard work. Collect certificates, apply them toward continuing ed credits or simply enjoy unlocking new ways to play.


Online Instructional Coaching

EMC² Learning offers a robust calendar of instructional coaching events throughout the school year and beyond. Add your name to the virtual guest list and join a worldwide cohort of fellow teachers for group coaching, talkback sessions, and more.

Explore All New Ways to Engage

Witness the premier of a brand new pedagogy at a Red Carpet Reveal, receive targeted feedback on your next lesson plan, or take a closer look at your favorite EMC² Learning resources and talk shop with Engagement Engineers around the world.

Your Favorite Conference Comes Home

EMC² Learning is a regular presenter and attendee at some of the largest education conferences of the year. Engagement Engineers enjoy front row seats to exclusive conference recaps to help keep your finger on the pulse of education.


Basic Builder

Curated Resources to Support Powerful Growth
  • 25 Fully Editable Resources
  • Free Hive Summit Ticket
  • Three Guided Book Studies

Engagement Engineer

Resources | Courses | Discussions
$ 199
  • All Basic Builder Benefits
  • 600+ Fully Editable Resources
  • 20+ Courses With Certificates
  • Access to Hive Summit Archives
  • Video & Written Activity Walk Throughs
  • Members Only Discussion Forums

Engagement Engineer PLUS

Resources | Courses | Discussions | Coaching | Webinars
$ 299
  • All Engagement Engineer Benifits
  • Group Coaching
  • Live Webinars
  • Unlock Resource Series
  • Private Course Access
  • Listening Sessions
  • Conference Session Recaps
  • Design Challenges
  • Community Event Access

Other Options:


We did! From scratch. Over many, many hours on spreadsheets, Zoom sessions, phone calls, Google Slides presentations, and a ton of after-work-hours visits to the very website you now see before you. It's all backed by some serious research into gamification and game-inspired lesson design. We can't wait to show you what we've come up with!

Best part: the overwhelming majority of resources you'll find on our site are 100% editable too -- so you can feel free to remix and reimagine them in any way you'd like. Think of it like a big old tub of instructional LEGO bricks. We've provided the core set with the full color photo on the box and the step-by-step instructions on how to build it! But you're welcome to break any of these resources apart and build something entirely brand new with the activities we've provided.

Gladly. At EMC², we're proud that all of our products feature only original artwork assets that have been created in house or been made possible by the work of paid creators who have been duly compensated for their time and artistic talents. That means quality control. No dinky clipart or Google image searches. And zero plagiarism.

Likewise, every resource on EMC² Learning has been closely reviewed for quality assurance to keep our activities equitable, accessible, and socially emotionally responsible. We believe in the power of playful learning and classrooms that are full of discovery and excitement. But play begins with consent and safety, and we are committed to ensuring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of all learners in our classrooms. Unfortunately, we've seen far too many educational "games" inadvertently make light of real-life trauma including racism, sexism, ableism, and certain historical topics that are nothing to joke about. We're committed to offering a better way to play.

It might help to think of EMC² Learning like Netflix for student engagement. Your annual membership fee entitles you to immediate, 24/7/365 sitewide access to our entire collection of instructional activities, fully editable presentation templates, resource training videos, and members-only events including webinars, community idea-sharing sessions, and virtual book studies. One payment. One year of membership. All of the content on the site and an entire year of access to everything else that we have to offer.

To reward members for being early adopters and supporters of our work, we allow them to lock in their rate for Engagement Engineer level. As we add more and more content to the site the yearly rate for new subscribers is bound to rise. But once you join the site as an Engagement Engineer, your annual site access rate is set for life so long as you maintain your subscription. Once you cancel, you will have to start over with a new account and thus a new rate.

When you become a site member you get immediate access to everything already inside the platform. That means you'll have 24/7/365 to our entire resource library -- just like you can watch full seasons of binge-worthy TV shows available on your favorite streaming service. The most exciting part about the EMC² resource library is that we are constantly updating it with new products and activities. As Walt Disney once said: "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

That's right. More templates! More webinars! More ways to be awesome! And with so many resources already available from the moment you become a member, you'll be able to hit the ground running with an endless supply of ideas no matter when you join the fun.

If you're an Engagement Engineer? Heck yeah!

Our goal at EMC² is to change the world. With your support and our resources, we sincerely believe we have the potential to do just that. We know that might sound like hype and bluster, but we are dead serious about our playful approach to instructional design. And we are thrilled to offer EMC²'s full library of resources to our Engagement Engineers and access to everything else we create throughout the year as an included part of your annual site membership.

Not so much. But we did that on purpose. We firmly believe that the best teachers teach people, not content. And so we intentionally design instructional activities that can be used by any classroom, and the resources we design are deliberately "content agnostic" so that they can quickly and easily be adapted, scaffolded, and scaled to suit the unique needs of your learners and your school or district's curricular standards. It does not matter if you are a fourth grade math teacher or an AP US History classroom -- we have you covered. The overwhelming majority of our resources are built to be used for any course, any grade level, and any content area.

Additionally, Engagement Engineer PLUS members have access to webinars, community Drafting Table idea-sharing sessions, and private livestreams in which a team member will help you design for your needs. Think of it like having an Instructional Coach on demand. Or a personal trainer with a vast library of resources here to help you maximize student engagement for any instructional occasion.

Unlike so many “off-the-shelf” education competitors and pay-per worksheet websites, the resources offered on EMC² Learning are not intended to be a mere plug-and-play parade of interchangeable low-level activities. So if you're looking for last minute worksheets with some cute clipart or a unit exam on The Civil War, this is probably not the site for you.

Instead, EMC² Learning provides bite size instructional doses of playful, purposeful pedagogy to be used in conjunction with fully editable classroom resources in order to create a more student-centered classroom. And each resource can be fully customized to suit your content area in the length of an average teacher planning period (between 5 to 40 minutes).

Our playful approach to instructional design reframes traditional "teacher talk" into high energy student-centered activities, and we've found that this high level of learner autonomy is particularly enriching for students who are comfortable reading independently and following small group instructions. We like to think of our site as a sort of scaled up Montessori school, and while we sincerely believe there is truly something for everyone in our activity collection, the resources we design at EMC² are probably best suited for upper elementary through high school classrooms (think grades 3-12). That said, you'll also find plenty of things that work with 1st and 2nd graders if you're willing to do a bit of scaffolding.

Yup! Annual membership at the Engagement Engineer and Engagement Engineer PLUS levels includes tons of activities that will work no matter the format. Most of the resources on the site are Google-compatible and can be delivered to students through Google Classroom.

We kindly ask that you don't share your login credentials with other users. "Could" you? Well sure, in theory. But we depend on memberships to help offset the costs of developing top-quality resources and site hosting. Designing activity templates, compensating designers for original artwork, paying real live human beings to provide close captioning, hosting webinars, filming HD instructional videos, and building meaningful, manageable professional development solutions that can be modified for any course or content area takes a fair bit of time. And while we do our best to provide as many free resources to fellow teachers as we can, we appreciate your support and understanding in our decision to offer unlimited access to our full resource library to members only.

Each teacher who wishes to use EMC² Learning materials will be required to have their own membership. It is important that members abide by our legal terms of use by not sharing your login information, so we can keep the membership active and affordable for all teachers. Thank you for your support!

If you do decide to cancel, we will miss you for sure! Like you, we are working classroom teachers -- not fancy tech startups or some big budget publishing company. And so we think of our members like family: a passionate, like-minded group of educators from around the world who are definitely in this together. However, there is no time obligation to your site license and you will be able to cancel your membership at any time.

As a member, you are given LICENSE to use all of EMC² Learning resources in your classroom. When you cancel; however, you legally lose access to all of the resources in the membership as well as anything licensing rights to items you had downloaded previously. This means you will not be permitted to use those resources legally in your classroom unless you reactivate your membership.

You can cancel before your renewal date, but there are no refunds. Also, keep in mind that future enrollment periods are not guaranteed.

We are confident, however, that when you see the resources included, the community of teachers you will be part of, and the new items added regularly, you'll be hooked 😊.

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