Welcome to EMC² Learning! We know that teachers are hungry for resources that are low prep and high engagement. So we’ve built the EMC² Learning library in a way that’s a bit different from so many of the other sites you’ll see out there. At EMC² Learning, every resource is sorted not by subject area, but based on where it best fits into your existing workflow. This allows you the ability to find student-centered teaching strategies that can be plugged in right when you need them. Trade out traditional teacher talk and start implementing highly engaging instructional techniques at every stage of your lesson plan! 


Smarter Searching Made Easy

Great teaching techniques transcend narrow content areas. “Gallery Walks” aren’t limited to students learning about The Great Gatsby. And “Socratic Seminars” shouldn’t be reserved only for classes on The Civil War. What you’ll soon discover is that everything in the EMC² Learning is similarly designed to add all sorts of new instructional techniques to your proverbial teacher toolbox. So once you find a resource you love, you’ll be able to bookmark it for EVERY class thereafter. 

Blow Way Past Worksheets

EMC² Learning resources challenge students to fuse content knowledge with creativity. This compels learners to push to higher levels of critical thinking — but that doesn’t mean that our activities take a long time to set up in your classroom! If you’re looking for a low prep technique that can elicit high engagement, check out any one of the resources from EMC² Learning’s Penny Pedagogies collection. Simply download the activity template and play on!

Say Goodbye to Guessing Games

Beneath all their fancy bells and whistles, the truth is that most “game-based” education platforms are really just 21st century Scantrons. And while these fast-paced guessing games may look like fun, we know that’s not what deep learning looks like. We believe that students deserve a better way to play, and we’ve built hundreds of activities to help them do so. If you’re looking for an activity to take the place of Kahoot or Jeopardy, check out the Review Activities category.

Upgrade Your Assessments

Alternative assessments are a vital component of every teacher’s instructional playbook, especially with the rise of AI. Not only are traditional tests subject to all kinds of AI powered plagiarism, but these exams often fall short in gauging the diverse skills crucial for success. EMC² Learning’s Alternative Assessments helps prepare students for real-world challenges by emphasizing creativity, teamwork, and the flexibility they will need to succeed in an AI-driven future.


Start Gamifying Your Classroom

From smartphone streaks to frequent flier miles, gamification is all the rage! Simply stated, this process is all about borrowing the most motivational elements from games and applying those same design principles to non-game settings. For teachers, making these simple game-like tweaks can help us create classrooms that are more engaging, accessible, and student-centered. 


Talk Shop with Fellow Teachers

It’s often said that sometimes, the best PD can simply be a chance to connect with the teacher down the hall. And in a digital age where smartest person in the room can very well be the room itself, it is vital for teachers to stay connected to colleagues and all of the wisdom that the right crowd of professionals has to offer. Explore the discussion forums to connect, ask questions, and share creative ideas to share with teachers from around the world.

Take a Self-Paced Skill Builder Video Courses

From mastering the finer points of a Socratic Seminar to keeping up with all things Artificial Intelligence, there is always something new for teachers of all experience levels to learn. EMC² Learning platform’s Skill Builder courses are self-paced and automatically included in your annual membership as an Engagement Engineer. Browse the catalog to find a course that’s right for you, and enjoy PD in your PJ’s as you make your way through a self-paced Skill Builder.

Drop in for a Virtual Coaching Session

It’s no secret that times, trends, and technologies are constantly changing in the world of education. And virtual coaching empowers today’s educators to sharpen skills and stay updated. In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, EMC² Learning is proud to offer our community of Engagement Engineer + members with the chance to stay connected with virtual coaching events that are custom designed to help you continue meeting the changing needs of our students.

Explore the Interactive Learning Framework

The Interactive Learning Framework is a step-by-step series of self-paced activity modules that are designed to help introduce teachers to the science, design principles, and student-centered activities that help bring EMC² Learning’s playful approach to pedagogy to life in our classrooms. Each lesson in this modular workbook pairs short excerpts of relevant scholarly research with suggested activities that are available to members inside of the EMC² Learning library. 

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