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This morning, we are going to unlock the power of EMC2 together. Here we will show you a few favs to get your feet wet but also listen to some of your favs. Come join so that you can dive in and swim with confidence this year.

We will be exploring:


EMC² Learning’s online resource library is home to an ever-expanding collection of more than 300 individual classroom activities. These resources are fully editable and can easily be scaled to suit any grade level, course or content area, and are designed to help teachers leverage the power of playful pedagogy as they learn innovative ways to engage their students.

Each installment of The Unlock webinar series takes a closer look at a specific component of one of the most familiar routines of our everyday instructional practice, such as helping teachers make strides towards creating a more Student Centered Classroom to offering practical strategies that can be used to plan and execute Alternative Assessments. Using sample classroom activities curated from the larger EMC² Learning library of resources, the Unlock webinars offer teachers a step-by-step walkthrough of how they can make lasting changes to their instructional practice, helping them see tangible results while learning to think differently about the way that we approach our classrooms.BINGE WATCH YOUR FAVORITE SESSIONS FROM OUR ROTATING COLLECTION: 

Just like new and old episodes on your favorite streaming service, video recordings shared in the EMC² Learning Creative Corps will be available for a limited time to keep our site lively, fresh and relevant with just the right mix of recent events and a library of some of your old favorites. Tune in regularly as this content library is ever-changing! Then take a moment to listen and learn with us here at a time that is convenient to you.

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Prefer to get your PD in your earbuds? We’ve got you covered. Simply push the big red play button and you can listen to this recording as an .MP3 — perfect for learning on the go!

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