You’re in Luck for Last Minute St. Pat’s Lesson Plans

St. Patrick’s Day is On Its Way! For classes around the world, that can only mean one thing: the Luck of the Irish is in full bloom as we celebrate the Luckiest Day of the Year. Make other teachers green with envy with all sorts of spirited St. Pat’s activities!

EMC² Learning Awarded International Spotlight Honors

After a rigorous and extensive process of review from a field of nearly 200 submissions, EMC² Learning is thrilled to finally announce that we’ve been recognized as one of HundrED’s 12 Global Spotlight innovations in the field of classroom gamification!

R.I.P. ClassCraft

This week, teachers everywhere received the long-dreaded and devastating news that the original ClassCraft would be sunsetting at the close of the 2024 school year. So what does this mean for gamified classrooms? And how might EMC² Learning be able to help?

12 Ways for Teachers to Use Wrapping Paper in Any Classroom

As we reach the epic finale of the festive season and embrace the excitement of the New Year, EMC² Learning is rolling out all kinds of clever resources to help teachers infuse creativity into their classrooms — and it all starts with post-holiday wrapping paper sales!

Low Prep + Oversized Maps = MASSIVE Engagement

Let students take control of your classroom as you transform any ordinary lesson plan into a larger than life game of command and conquer! In Territory Takedown, bigger is better and the action is epic in every sense of the word. Give a click to explore this collection.

Fall in Love with Seasonal Teaching Resources

Fall is officially upon us! And as the crisp autumn air sweeps in, EMC² Learning is excited to embrace the vibrant colors and cozy moments that come with this beautiful season. And if you’re an Engagement Engineer? Now’s the time to “fall” in love with playful learning.

Get Your Students Cookin’ with an All New Way to Play

With their heaping menus and healthy portion sizes, retro diners really do offer a little bit of something for everyone. And that’s why we’ve decided to turn up the heat in our proverbial teacher test kitchen and “fire up” a brand new classroom resource called Order up!

Go “All In” for Student-Centered Instruction

This week, EMC² Learning’s activity rollout features a bevy of creative and clever new ways to play in classrooms of any age. We’ve got a wealth of playful pedagogical approaches featuring everything from digital spinners to plastic poker chips to… paper coffee cups!?

Capture the Fantasy Football Excitement in Your Classroom

Professional football is the single most-watched sport in the USA. And thanks to the interactive appeal of fantasy sports, the NFL is even bigger today than ever before! So what might it look like if we brought that same level of fun and excitement into our classrooms?

Meet Your New Instructor for the ISTE Summer Learning Academy

Can’t make it to the ISTE conference in Philadelphia this summer (or simply can’t wait to get a jump on all things ISTE before the big event)?! Not to worry. The ISTE Summer Learning Academy offers educators the chance to access top-quality PD from their homes!

Host a Review Day Game Show

It’s the end of the school year! And teachers everywhere are hard at work wrapping up their instruction as students make their way through the end of all of that regularly scheduled course curricula. Sounds like the perfect time for an end-of-year game show!

Enjoy PD in Your PJ’s with Two New Video Courses

New this week from EMC² Learning: over three full hours of brand new, self-paced video skill builders with all sorts of playful, purposeful professional development to help you learn at your leisure. Pop on your favorite pair of PJ’s and start streaming today!

Welcome to Peer Review Paradise

Welcome to Peer Review Paradise! At these Instructional Islands, students will have the opportunity to soak up the good vibes of a free-flowing peer review as they island hop in order to punch up any writing assignment under the sun. Get your passports ready!

Catch EMC² Learning on the Road LIVE

This summer EMC² Learning will be hitting the road for a series of conferences, workshop, and teacher training events across the United States. Our first stop? Louisville, Kentucky and the Imagining the Future of Learning conference at Bellarmine University!

Rehash Rally Puts a Whole New Spin on Review

Rehash Rally is a pulse-pounding upgrade to any ho-hum review activity. This brand new collection of resources puts students squarely in the driver’s seat and challenges them to navigate all sorts of obstacles to connect what they’re learning to earlier units!

You’re Invited to the Red Carpet Reveal of Rehash Rally

Hollywood is famous for its star-studded world premiers. And here at EMC² Learning, we’ve got all sorts of creative pedagogical approaches in our pipeline. The Red Carpet Reveal is your chance to enjoy a front row seat as these new resources make their debuts!

Spring Spotlight: 5 Amazing Engagement Engineers

EMC² Learning is home to a thriving community of thousands of educators from schools all around the world. Week after week, we are blown away by their continued commitment to creativity and student-centered instruction. Here are five teachers worth a shout out!

Now Streaming: Four All New Video Skill Builder Courses

Grab your popcorn and get ready for some seriously playful PD — because we’re adding not one, not two, not three, but four all-new self-paced video Skill Builders. Check out the newest courses that have been added to our ever-expanding library of resources!

Sundown Showdown Season 3: Moonlight Madness is Here!

Back by popular demand! Moonlight Madness puts an after-dark twist on the wildly popular Sundown Showdown pedagogy. Discover more than a dozen new ways teachers can Lose the Lecture and use gamification to bring student-centered life to their next lesson plan.

An Eye for AI: All New Teaching Resources

It seems like Artificial Intelligence is everywhere you look these days. From day one, EMC² Learning has been committed to helping teachers engage at the speed of life. And these days, that means providing cutting edge resources and support for all things AI.

Gaming the System: 5 Big Problems with AI Detection Software

The age of artificial intelligence is upon us! But what’s a classroom teacher to do in order to separate what’s authentically student-crafted and what’s simply the product of AI? While detection software might seem tempting, here are five things to keep in mind.

600 Fully Editable Resources and Counting

To infinity… and beyond! Today is a landmark occasion in the history of EMC² Learning. Because as of this morning, we’ve just added our 600th fully editable resource to our ever expanding library of student-centered classroom activities. Come check it out!

Next Level Learning: Classroom Success Stories from Illinois

Did you know that EMC² Learning offers scalable solutions for schools and districts? In addition to individual site memberships, EMC² Learning is proud to provide bulk licenses and PD. Here’s how things are shaping up with one of our partner schools in Illinois.

Get Crackin’ with the Egg Dash Challenge

Spring has sprung! And to celebrate the season, EMC² Learning is offering teachers everywhere the chance to join in the egg-citement with one of the most engaging activities in the history of student-centered teaching. Give a click to unlock this free resource!

Capture The Madness and Mania of March Sports

Whether you’re a college basketball devotee, an armchair baseball scout, or a loyal fan of pro wrestling – these next few weeks are full of some of the most drama and excitement in all of sports. Here are strategies to help you bring that spirit into your class!

Universal Design for Learning: 23 Things You Need to Know

Last week, EMC² Learning had the tremendous honor of traveling to Orlando, Florida for the 10th annual Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network (UDL-IRN) conference. Here’s the top 23 things we learned at this epic international summit.

Unlock the Magic of AI in Your Classroom

In Magic: The Gathering, players travel to a fantasy world and become wizards with the power to conjure mythical spells and creatures. And when its core gameplay is fused with AI, it offers a ton of potential for unleashing some serious “Magic” in any classroom.

Bring the Luck of the Irish Into Your Classroom

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here! And we’ve got all sorts of clever and creative ways to help teachers add a dash of magic to their classrooms no matter what course, content area, or grade level they happen to be teaching. Feeling lucky? Then give a click!

30 Day Challenge: The Drive to 600 Resources

This month, EMC² Learning is celebrating our second birthday. And in just two short years, we’ve managed to create upwards of 500 fully editable resources that are now in use in thousands of classrooms around the world. But can we reach 600 by April 1?!

They Say It’s Our Birthday: A Gift Just For You!

Believe it or not, it was two years ago this week when our humble PD platform first opened its doors. These past two years have certainly been a whirlwind — and today’s entry takes a trip down memory lane to celebrate where we’ve been (and where we’re headed)!

The Story of Splash Mountain (And What It Can Teach Our Classes)

In today’s entry, we take a closer look at the story of the most controversial attraction in the 50+ year history of the Disney parks. What made Splash Mountain such a towering success? And where did this once mighty log flume take a turn that led to its downfall?

Gamification from A to Z: 26 Terms You Need to Know

New to the world of gamification? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered! This ABC guide will give you a handle on 26 of the most important terms that can help you level up your teaching game and become a master of playful pedagogy in no time. Let the games begin!

Fall in Love with Student Centered Teaching

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air! And what better way to show your students how much you care than by trying out some brand new instructional resources that can help you make the shift to a more student-centered classroom?

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