Reinvesting in Quality

Early in our respective teaching careers, we came to the all-important realization that you don’t get into education to make money: you get into education

Drafting Table 9/22

BACK TO SCHOOL DRAFTING TABLE Welcome back to another exciting school year! While it might yet be a stretch to call this partially masked, partially

Back to School Word Scramble

Looking for a creative way to get your students excited to hit the ground running with the start of the 2021 school year? We are

Gamify Your Course Syllabus

Any course. Any content area. Any grade level. Far too often, those first days of class are invariably the same. Awkward icebreakers. Forced introductions. A

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! As working classroom teachers, we know how hard it can be to maintain serious momentum right up through the last day

Do You Wanna’ Build a Side Quest?

Side Quests are an amazing feature of many gamified classrooms. And while these optional assignments aren’t quite the same as traditional “extra credit,” they are

Penny Pegagogies Are Here!

At EMC² Learning, our mission is to help schools engage at the speed of life. But that’s not just the speed of our student’s lives. Around

Egg Dash Challenge Freebie!


Join The #GraffitiPages Revolution!

LET’S GET MESSY! In case you haven’t already had the pleasure to see student artwork in action: Sketchnoting can be a powerful tool in any teacher’s

Team Bracket Madness Marches In!

IT’S TOURNAMENT TIME! Why sit on the sidelines when you can get your classes in the game? March bracket tournaments have transformed a once-passive sea

We Made A Thing

PS: Dig this comic book-like presentation? It’s a fully editable Google Slides template, and just one of the hundreds of resources already available to our

The Disneyland of Education

When Walt opened the Disneyland Theme Park in 1955, he envisioned creating a place where everyone could come and be playful together. A far cry

Nine Lines of Fully Gamified Resources

Here at EMC², we’ve developed a sort of reputation for being pretty big geeks for all things game-inspired. Michael’s Explore Like a Pirate: Gamification and Game-Inspired

A Toy Story for All Ages

Imagine that you’ve just been hired by the hottest toy company on the planet, and you’ve been put in charge of a top secret assignment

Let’s Get Ready to Resource Rumble!

Picture this: you’re shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean, and you and your teammates must race against the clock while outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting

The #QRBreakIN Vault Has Arrived!

Hey folks! John here. My 11th-grade English students loved escape room activities in class. But I was bugged by the fact that not every student

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Flipping through a deck of playing cards are one of the easiest ways to randomize all sorts of items in the classroom. Whether you’re breaking

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