5 Free AI Tools To Make Your Classroom More Accessible

2023 might go down in history as the year of Artificial Intelligence. And with AI booming in popularity both inside of our schools and beyond it, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite (FREE!) tools to help teachers design more engaging, inclusive lesson plans.

Fall in Love with Cupid’s Candy Challenge

Fall in love with a sweet review game with a Valentine’s Day flair! This FREE, fully editable resource is perfect for teachers looking to liven up their lessons. Give a click to take this seasonal twist on an EMC² Learning favorite for a spin in your classroom.

Want to Unlock An Avalanche of Ideas for Your Classroom?

Brrrr-ing on the student engagement! Because EMC² Learning is bursting at the seams with all new ways to keep your students digging into your course content no matter how chilly the winter weather might be outside your classroom. Can you say “better than a snow day?”

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Any Conference

Conference season is back in full swing! And as the education world makes its gradual return to a pre-pandemic normal, we thought it might be helpful to share a handful of our favorite tips to help teachers get the most out of their next conference experience.

New Resources to Inject Play Action Into Any Lesson Plan

In the NFL, great coaches are always dreaming up creative game plans and gadget plays to help their team secure their spot in the next round of play. Here at EMC² Learning, we’ve drafted up a playbook to help busy teachers cook up a few surprises of their own!

A Holiday Message from… Albert Einstein?

Season’s Greetings! You’ve probably noticed that EMC² Learning borrows its name from Albert Einstein’s most famous mathematical equation. So we think it’s only fitting to

Scramble Centers Change the Game

EMC² Learning is ELATED to introduce the world to this brand new level of playful pedagogy that’s faster, more modular, and more infinitely adaptable than

500 Resources and Counting

Since opening our doors in March of 2021, EMC² Learning has been committed to playing with purpose and helping passionate educators around the world get

Biggest. Site. Update. Ever.

Eighteen short months ago, EMC² opened its doors to a small but passionate community of creative teachers that we lovingly referred to as “Tinker Teachers”

Season 2 of Sundown Showdown is HOT!

Season 2 of EMC² Learning’s Sundown Showdown arrives with an action-packed collection of 12 different stand-alone activities, all wrapped together in a cleverly themed “Island

Prime Time for Something Amazin’!

Welcome to the Amazin’ Online Marketplace! This one-stop-shop virtual shopping experience is home to quite literally ANY item that you can imagine. Your goal? Help

Reinvesting in Quality

Early in our respective teaching careers, we came to the all-important realization that you don’t get into education to make money: you get into education

Drafting Table 9/22

BACK TO SCHOOL DRAFTING TABLE Welcome back to another exciting school year! While it might yet be a stretch to call this partially masked, partially

Back to School Word Scramble

Looking for a creative way to get your students excited to hit the ground running with the start of the 2021 school year? We are

Gamify Your Course Syllabus

Any course. Any content area. Any grade level. Far too often, those first days of class are invariably the same. Awkward icebreakers. Forced introductions. A

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! As working classroom teachers, we know how hard it can be to maintain serious momentum right up through the last day

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