At The Speed
Of Life

EMC² Learning is committed to offering playful, purpose-driven, and passionate professional development and resources for educators of all ages. We provide teacher-centered professional development to help educators create student centered classrooms. And every resource available inside the EMC² Learning platform is fully editable to help teachers use feedback-based engagement strategies that can easily be tailored to suit the unique needs of the students they serve.

They say that your favorite class is the one that you love the most, while your best class is the one where you learn the most. Our goal is to help your class be both of those things for every student under your care.

Every. Single. Day.

We Do PD Differently

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The EMC² team offers dynamic in-person and virtual training that delivers practical strategies and real results for learners of any age.

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Join our passionate community of Engagement Engineers for interactive online courses, iterative lesson planning sessions, and exclusive members-only virtual seminars all year long.

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Like your favorite streaming service, the EMC² site is loaded with hundreds of high energy lesson planning ideas, step-by-step video implementation tutorials, and infinitely adaptable activity templates.

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Why Work With Us?

EMC² Learning is a collaborative partnership and teacher training venture developed by teacher authors Michael Matera and John Meehan. Established in the Spring of 2020, EMC² Learning borrows its name from the world’s most famous equation, “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared” — and was chosen to represent the name of our combined efforts to reflect our lifelong commitment to cultivating energetic, authentically rigorous classrooms where student engagement happens “at the speed of life.” 


Playing With Purpose

EMC² Learning is home to a massive online library of student engagement strategies, bite-sized PD tutorials, and fully editable classroom resources. Think Netflix for teaching. No fancy software to install. No dinky worksheets to copy. Just one massive 24/7 streaming service with more than 500 high-energy classroom activities to choose from (and counting!) — intentionally designed to be content agnostic so they can quickly be scaled and modified for any curriculum, grade level, or content area. EMC² resources come with a dynamic combination of self-paced instructional videos, step-by-step lesson walkthroughs, and modification suggestions on how each activity can be scaled and scaffolded for learners of any age. That means practical instruction on student centered teaching pedagogies. Gorgeously illustrated pop-and-swap templates that run the gamut from action-packed project-based learning to gamified scoring rubrics designed to help students make clear sense of their growth on each assignment. And new resources added every week.

For each resource on the site, we have personally invested between five and upwards of forty hours into research, development, and design — so you won’t have to. EMC² Learning is not some elaborate tech startup or a big publishing company: we are both working classroom teachers, and we know that educators simply don’t have the time to build out all of their wildest lesson plan dreams. Our goal with EMC² Learning is to create a massive hub of student-centered instructional activities that everyone can enjoy together. We believe that it’s really important to emphasize how serious we are about playing safely, fairly, and with a fastidious attention to detail. At EMC², we’re proud that all of our products feature only original artwork assets that have been created in house or been made possible by the work of paid creators who have been duly compensated for their time and artistic talents. We offer instructional videos with closed captioning services that have been transcribed by an actual person, not a machine. No dinky clipart or unlicensed Google image searches. No culturally insensitive simulations. And zero off-the-shelf worksheets.

That means playful pedagogy with serious quality control.


Fall in Love with Cupid’s Candy Challenge

Fall in love with a sweet review game with a Valentine’s Day flair! This FREE, fully editable resource is perfect for teachers looking to liven up their lessons. Give a click to take this seasonal twist on an EMC² Learning favorite for a spin in your classroom.

23 Big Takeaways from The Future of Education Conference

FETC 23 is in the books! So what were the biggest takeaways from this annual gathering of innovators, educators, and ed tech gurus? Check out this crash course through all the best parts of what the conference had to offer as FETC made its New Orleans debut.

Want to Unlock An Avalanche of Ideas for Your Classroom?

Brrrr-ing on the student engagement! Because EMC² Learning is bursting at the seams with all new ways to keep your students digging into your course content no matter how chilly the winter weather might be outside your classroom. Can you say “better than a snow day?”