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No dinky worksheets.

No crass simulations.

And zero low level guessing games.

At EMC² Learning, we help teachers tap into the serious science behind playful learning. Become a member and unlock a comprehensive platform of resources that are precision engineered to maximize student engagement for any lesson plan.

They say that your favorite class is the one that you love the most, while your best class is the one where you learn the most. Our goal is to make your classroom both of those things.

Every. Single. Day.

Change the Game in Your Classroom

Blow Way Past Worksheets

Like your favorite streaming service, the EMC² platform is loaded with hundreds of high energy lesson planning ideas, step-by-step video implementation tutorials, and infinitely adaptable activity templates.

No More Guessing Games

Learn how teachers of any course or content area can blend time-tested teaching strategies with cutting edge gamification techniques to help you create lesson plans that your students will love.

Binge Learn On Demand 24/7

Enjoy on-demand access to a growing library of self-paced video skill builder courses from the comfort of your own home, and master all sorts of techniques to help you make student-centered instruction come to life in your classroom.

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Fully Editable Resources

Become an Engagement Engineer to unlock more than 600 fully editable resources that are precision engineered to help you boost student engagement.

Hundreds of Ways to Scaffold & Adapt

Differentiated instruction is at the core of what we do as teachers. That's why each EMC² activity offers modification suggestions to help you make the activity work for you.

New Content Every Week

Think of EMC² Learning like a massive theme park. We're constantly adding new ways to play. Site members enjoy front of the line access every time a new resource is added.

Virtual Coaching and Self-Paced Videos

Dozens of self-paced videos offer stepwise support for making the shift to a more student-centered classroom. Binge learn everything from alternative assessments to AI.

Members Only Discussion Forums

Sometimes the smartest person in the room is the room itself. Login to talk shop 24/7 in our virtual break room with some of the most creative educators on the planet.

One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Thousands of teachers around the globe are changing the game with EMC² Learning resources.
And every activity is fully editable for any course or content area. Because we don’t teach content. We teach kids.

Case Studies in Classroom Creativity

“After the COVID year(s), I wanted to provide a unique and memorable experience for my incoming 4th graders. No doubt, they were down on school after remote learning. But not being a big gamer, I kept hitting roadblocks in trying to create a more engaging classroom experience and was not satisfied with my results. That’s when I joined EMC². I was specifically interested in the courses that dealt with gamification. The site raised my game to new levels!

I now have a notebook filled with player level cards, badges and items. The kids can’t wait for us to see what happens next in our multi-section boss battles. That’s all I heard about during parent conferences this year. Kids are talking about school at home! While I continue to work on our yearlong game, I have also started using some of the other resources found on EMC². The graphics are high quality and the activities are always engaging.”

“As a teacher with 29 years of classroom experience, I am proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

Click here to follow more of Andrew’s journey into a new way to play

“The first time that I realized how impactful the the EMC² Learning approach is was when I completed my first Resource Rumble. Because the template was already done, all I needed to do was plug in my activities and assignments. The different themes gave me ideas for costumes, and I was able to throw in some decorations and some music to really bring the game to life. My students were so engaged, and when my leadership team stopped in, they were amazed at the thought process behind my lesson. I was asked, ‘How does your brain even come up with something like this?’ The truth was, all I did was add a few extra ingredients, the main course was already prepared.

My classroom is a place of imagination, challenge, and storytelling. My students LOVE our class game. I’m able to use the resources to motivate them to do more than they thought they ever thought they could. I know that teaching is a difficult career, especially these days — but I am personally having the best time of my 13 year career right now.”

Click here to peek inside Thomas’ pulse-pounding classroom adventure

“I think one of the biggest changes that I’ve experienced since implementing a number of these resources into my classroom is that a palpable sense of excitement has been introduced across the board. Some students who had previously been disenfranchised have really starting engaging in our lesson plans. And it’s an added bonus to bring even more players into the fun while students with ADHD suddenly get to channel all of their energies into relevant work for the classroom as they help their teammates and even have the chance to bring about some good-natured mayhem against other teams.

I love that EMC² Learning resources are pre-made and easily adaptable, which gives them a high replay value for just about any unit I can think of. And I am especially thankful for the videos that explain how a game is supposed to be played! Once I’ve gotten the hang of an activity, I absolutely love it that all I need to do is add my questions and go.”

“I believe that the resources are at such a high standard — a gold standard — because
they have been used in a real classroom with real students.”

Click here to read how Susan changed the game for her high school science classes

“I was struggling with getting my pre-service to engage in content during my lectures. This concerned me as they weren’t able to answer specific instructional design questions which are crucial as a teacher. I went to observe one of my student teachers who was working with Dr. Jen Toney. Her lesson was about opinion writing but it was different. Students were excited to go into the opinion outback to convince their traveling robot to visit their imaginary island.

I had never seen 30 students all actively engaged with writing and also editing their work.

My student was worried that I didn’t like her lesson when I literally had this confused look on my face. But I told her that I simply needed a minute to process what I was seeing. There was a palpable difference in the classroom, and I had never seen anything like it.

It was then that Dr. Toney, introduced me to the EMC² Learning platform. And immediately I saw something that was missing in my classes.”

Click here to see what made Dr. Deger rethink her approach to college-level education


Bring the Luck of the Irish Into Your Classroom

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here! And we’ve got all sorts of clever and creative ways to help teachers add a dash of magic to their classrooms no matter what course, content area, or grade level they happen to be teaching. Feeling lucky? Then give a click!

Unlock the Magic of AI in Your Classroom

In Magic: The Gathering, players travel to a fantasy world and become wizards with the power to conjure mythical spells and creatures. And when its core gameplay is fused with AI, it offers a ton of potential for unleashing some serious “Magic” in any classroom.

30 Day Challenge: The Drive to 600 Resources

This month, EMC² Learning is celebrating our second birthday. And in just two short years, we’ve managed to create upwards of 500 fully editable resources that are now in use in thousands of classrooms around the world. But can we reach 600 by April 1?!