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Celebrating 3 Years and 700+ Resources

Happy March and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

They say that time really does fly when you’re having fun, and so we wanted to send a quick note of thanks as this week marks three whole years since the launch of EMC² Learning. Where does the time go, right?!

In 2021, we invited a dynamic community of thoughtful and talented teachers to unlock the doors to our ever-expanding library of resources. The goal: help busy educators master the fundamentals of gamified instructional techniques so they could make the shift to an even more engaging, student-centered styles of instruction. It’s been an amazing journey, and we want to extend our gratitude to the community of more than 12,000 who have joined us on this path.

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Here are just a few of the highlights from our story so far…

  • At launch in 2021, EMC² Learning debuted with an impressive 200 unique resources and the mission to keep adding to our playful pedagogy library with new content arriving all year long. This week, we’ve added our 700th unique and fully editable resource — and there’s no end in sight!

  • Last year, EMC² Learning was recognized as the Winner, Best Online Courses at the national Future of Education Technology Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana — further earning the company a commendation from District Administration Magazine.

  • Since June of 2023, we’ve had the incredible privilege to partner with the American Bankers Association Foundation to help them develop an interactive curriculum using game-based modules designed to help young people gain skills and familiarity with financial literacy.

Thanks to your continued support, the EMC² Learning team is honored to speak and present at dozens of education conferences, keynotes, and workshops all around the United States — racking up an average of more than 30+ presentations each year. This year alone, we’ve already traveled to Orlando, Chicago, Austin, Milwaukee, Washington. D.C. and Annapolis — but we’re only just getting started! 

Oh yeah! We’ve even got HUGE INTERNATIONAL NEWS arriving next week… 

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At every step along the way, we’ve committed to helping teachers play with purpose in an effort to demonstrate that rigor and relevance can coexist harmoniously while fostering a culture of creativity in the amazing young people that we serve. Our vision has always been to make our resources accessible to all educators, and we are truly honored to continue that work each and every day thanks to the incredible support of Engagement Engineers like yourself. 

This is just a glimpse of our journey, and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you for being a part of this incredible teaching community of game-changers in schools all around the globe. Your support makes it all possible! 

Thank you for all that you do!

The activities featured in this blog post are just a handful of the 700+ resources available and on their way to arrive shortly in the EMC² Learning library. This entire library is available to Engagement Engineers and members of the Creative Corps, and is included with your annual site membership. We hope you’ll consider joining us as an Engagement Engineer to unlock a full year of site access. For complete details including our exclusive limited time offer for annual site membership, click here.

"This site is a total game changer for both me and my students! Thanks for all the ways you level up my learning and classroom."
Carol McLaughlin
1-8 Teacher

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