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Get Your Students Cookin’ with an All New Way to Play

Whether you spend most of your day working with littles, middles, or big kids — there’s something that’s truly timeless about setting foot inside of one of those retro diners from the 1950s. Maybe it’s those checkerboard floors, as timeless as a classic rock and roll tune. Or perhaps its those vinyl-covered booths and counter stools, bathed in a palette of pastel pinks and muted blues. Or it could just be that there’s an ever-present scent of bacon wafting through the air to remind you that a fresh cup of coffee is only ever just a moment away.

With their heaping menus and healthy portion sizes, retro diners really do offer a little bit of something for everyone. And that’s why this week, EMC² Learning has decided to turn up the heat in our student-centered instructional playbook in order to “fire up” a brand new teaching resource that captures all of the fun and excitement of a fast-paced kitchen line cook challenge at your favorite greasy spoon. We call it “Order Up” — and it’s even hotter than the soup of the day!

Students Engage with a "Pizza" the Action

Ever Play Kitchen Rush? Your students have! And this fast-paced, frenzied class review activity is “nacho” average guessing game. In Order Up, your students will feast on a value meal full of a dozen different food-themed activities that will have them turning up the heat as they serve up all sorts of “nuggets” of information with a heaping side of fun and creativity.

In Order Up, your students will compete in rival teams to serve up solutions to all sorts of food-themed challenges that are inspired by your course. And whether they’re serving up French Fried recaps of what they’ve learned or putting the finishing touches on the perfect curriculum content sandwich, there is always a brand new order waiting to be filled and a sea of hungry customers lining up around the block to see what’s cooking.

Simply give a click to the download link and you’ll be cooking in short order!

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