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Go “All In” for Student-Centered Instruction

Looking to go “all in” on student-centered teaching? 

September is here! And that means that schools around the world are back in session as we count down the days until the welcome return of Fall. But once all of the introductory housekeeping is over and the obligatory ice breakers have thawed, sustaining that same back-to-school buzz can be a real challenge as we make our way into those first weeks of new content and curricular review. That’s why this week, EMC² Learning is rolling out not one or two but THREE all new resources to help Engagement Engineers stay ahead of the game!

This week’s activity rollout features a bevy of creative and clever new ways to play in classrooms of any age. And we’ve got a wealth of playful pedagogical approaches featuring everything from digital spinners to plastic poker chips to… paper coffee cups!?!

Are you an Engagement Engineer? Well you’re in luck! Because each of these resources are included as part of your annual site membership.

Press Your Luck and Spin to Win

Ready to press your luck to test just how much you know about our current unit of study? Welcome to Spin to Win — a fast-paced game of spinning wheels, wits and wagers where students need to work together with their teammates to leave the game as the day’s big winner!

For this game, your students will work as a team to make sense of a topic using the help of a random number generating machine. What topic will they be discussing and just how much will they be expected to know about this particular thing, you ask? Well that’s entirely up to the wacky spinning wheels of fortune! And this crazy content generator has a mind of its own.

Stack Up Engagement and Win Big with the Poker Chip Chat

Looking to push your luck and take a gamble on bringing the Socratic Seminar to life in your classroom? The Poker Chip Chat provides an easy to learn, student-friendly scaffold to one of the most time-honored practices in all of teaching. Grab your chips and go all in!

In the Poker Chip Chat, our goal is to keep the chatter going for as long as we can. And the only rule to the game is that only one person is allowed to speak at a time. Sounds pretty easy, right? 
Well this is where the party really starts. After all, we don’t want to find ourselves stuck in a dead-end conversation…

Give Ordinary Review Days a 21st Century Twist

Ready to put a new spin on your next attempt to retell the story of what you’ve learned? Twisty Talkies blends old school “hands on” learning with cutting edge 21st Century technology that will have you Flipping out with all sorts of fun and excitement. 

In this two part challenge, your students will first need to work with their teammates to create a paper cup Twisty Talkie that is a “cut” above the rest. And from there, they’ll bring their creation to life through the power of video. Lights, camera, action!

The activities featured in this blog post are just a handful of the 600+ resources available in the EMC² Learning library. This entire library is available to Engagement Engineers and members of the Creative Corps, and is included with your annual site membership. We hope you’ll consider joining us as an Engagement Engineer to unlock a full year of site access. For complete details including our exclusive limited time offer for annual site membership, click here.

"This site is a total game changer for both me and my students! Thanks for all the ways you level up my learning and classroom."
Carol McLaughlin
1-8 Teacher

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