Q&A COUNTDOWN: The Student Centered Classroom

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Creating sustained improvement in instructional practice takes patience, effort, and time. Though large group professional development kickoff events can most certainly be inspirational, research suggests that this “one and done” approach to PD often fails at providing teachers with the job-embedded support that they require to turn educational theory into practical results in their classrooms. The Q&A Countdown functions much like a live radio call-in show, recorded in real-time with each new 60 minute episode dedicated to taking a closer look at a single topic. Each installment of the Q&A Countdown breaks a new single “big idea” issue down into ten smaller subtopics, and offers session attendees the opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges, and share examples from their own classrooms to help create lasting change in the face of an ever-evolving educational landscape.

This month: we’re taking questions and talking shop on subtle ways that educators can make the shift to fostering a more student-centered classroom.

Just like new and old episodes on your favorite streaming service, video recordings shared in the EMC² Learning Creative Corps will be available for a limited time to keep our site lively, fresh and relevant with just the right mix of recent events and a library of some of your old favorites. Tune in regularly as this content library is ever-changing! Then take a moment to listen and learn with us here at a time that is convenient to you.

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