As administrators, you play a pivotal role in shaping the learning experiences of your students. Our platform equips you with the tools to amplify instructional capacity among your teachers, fostering a culture of innovation and growth within your school community. This Quick Start Hub offers a curated selection of resources designed to kickstart your journey towards meaningful change. From insightful articles on the benefits of playful learning to practical guides for implementing student-centered instructional techniques, our hub provides the support you need to initiate sustainable shifts in teaching practices. Explore the links below to access relevant resources and begin your quest towards creating impactful change at scale. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of education.


Microlab Protocol

Five short minutes. One game changing pedagogy. The Microlab protocol uses a simple turn-taking design to offer teachers and students a low-prep introduction to the world of playful learning. This simple resource is perhaps the single most versatile activity that is available in the EMC² Learning library. Consider using this conversation protocol in your next faculty meeting to help demonstrate how simple, small changes to instruction can create massive engagement.

The Candy Bar Challenge

Liven up your next faculty meeting with a low-prep activity that draws inspiration from a familiar array of tasty treats. This low-prep, high energy EMC² Learning activity helps facilitators lighten the mood while bringing the laughs and modeling a colorful showcase of student-centered learning. Use it as a sample activity the next time you’ve got the chance to meet with your faculty, and let your teachers see how “sweet” the rollout of EMC² Learning resources can be.


Welcome Slideshow

Want to enhance teaching practices at your school? Our ever expanding library of activities, resources, and courses helps educators around the world learn how to master and implement playful learning and student-centered instructional techniques in classrooms of all ages. Click the thumbnail image to the left to save a local copy of our welcome slideshow, and consider using this resource in your next email to your faculty or as part of your next school-wide PD.

Road Map to Success

There’s a lot of serious science that helps support the introduction of playful learning techniques into our pedagogy. And this document helps shed a bit of light on the EMC² Learning philosophy. Consider sharing this document with your faculty, and exploring how playful learning can support broader school reform initiatives including the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, and authentic learning opportunities amid a world driven by Artificial Intelligence.


Skill Builder Video Courses

From mastering the finer points of a Socratic Seminar to keeping up with all things Artificial Intelligence, there is always something new to learn. EMC² Learning platform’s Skill Builder courses are self-paced and automatically included in the bulk license membership for every teacher on your team. Consider selecting one of these courses that most speaks to the unique needs of your faculty, and offer your teachers the chance to take it for PD credit as their schedule allows.

Interactive Learning Framework

The Interactive Learning Framework is a step-by-step series of self-paced activity modules that are designed to help introduce teachers to the science, design principles, and student-centered activities that help bring EMC² Learning’s playful approach to pedagogy to life in our classrooms. Each lesson in this modular workbook pairs short excerpts of relevant scholarly research with suggested activities that are available to members inside of the EMC² Learning library. 

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