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Are You Ready To Enter the Console Wars?

Imagine that you’ve just been hired by a major software company, and you’ve been put in charge of a top secret assignment for a next-generation video game development project. Do you have what it takes to launch a major video game smash release?

Play is so powerful! And gamers everywhere spend MILLIONS of hours enjoying the limitless adventures that these myriad titles provide. So why not turn your content consumers into content creators as you transform your current unit of study into a living video game design challenge that draws inspiration from your current unit of study? What might a game called Biology Blasters look like? How could players use algebraic equations for an eighth grade math game where students had to defeat the evil Negatron?! And where in the world of The Giver might players need to navigate Jonas in order to unlock the memories of the past?

The EMC² Console Wars activity templates are designed to help your students see themselves as content creators as they turn what they’re learning into something that they can’t wait to share with an audience outside of their classroom. Perfect for an end-of-unit project based assessment and popping with all sorts of color (which looks AWESOME when shared in a class newsletter or printed out on a classroom bulletin board!), there are millions of journeys just waiting for students to push play. Teachers can even ratchet up the difficulty of this resource by doing all sorts of enrichment activities inspired by their creations, including: 

  • Asking students to pitch their creations to an expert panel of investors (a.k.a. fellow teachers!)
  • Having student teams compete to see which creation will dominate the class’s voting preference
  • Tasking student sales teams to film short commercials to “sell” their products using Flipgrid or YouTube, or…
  • Challenging student designers to write up spec sheets (a.k.a. old school essays or new school Google Forms submissions) where they defend each of the tiny details they’ve chosen to include in their custom creations.
  • Using virtual world building tools like Minecraft to give players a sense of what each adventure might actually feel like in a game setting

Gamers are always on the hunt for the hot new trend! That means your students will need to figure out what sells, and know how to dream up a product line that is unlike anything the world has ever seen before. These fully illustrated templates come pre-loaded with dozens of editable features that challenge students to combine creativity, imagination, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Let the games begin!

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