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Back to School Word Scramble

Looking for a creative way to get your students excited to hit the ground running with the start of the 2021 school year? We are SUPER excited to announce the arrival of this brand new resource — inspired by one of our all-time favorite word scrambling games from childhood. We think it blows the traditional “two truths and a lie” activity right out of the water!

This Scrabble-inspired showcase gives your students the chance to tell their story using virtual letter tiles. In this activity, students have 100 virtual letter tiles and the invitation to share as many unique words as they can think of that describe what makes them “THEM.”  Using the fully editable virtual Google Slides template, students have the power to click and drag individual letter tiles to tell their stories. They can use descriptive words, words to highlight their interests, hobbies, favorite pastimes — even proper nouns. Each student (or team) has the entire board to themselves!

These virtual tiles letter just like your favorite word-making board game from childhood. Except this time, you get to take over the ENTIRE board to tell your story! Can you use all 100 letter tiles? How many words can you create? And how many points will you rack up in your creative quest to tell the story of what makes you unique!? 

(And when you’re done creating, teachers can collect all student submissions into a single Google Slides presentation, and working as a class, in partners, or in small groups — each student can be given a few minutes to share the stories behind “why” they chose to include the words that they did).

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