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Brand New S.O.S. with a Hometown Twist!

We know how great it feels to be cheering for your home team. And whether your students are playing in the room or on the Zoom, being a part of a cohesive squad working together towards a common goal can really inspire a sense of community, inclusion, and belonging. Is it any wonder why the single most popular game of the pandemic just so happens to be called “Among Us?!”

In a year without so many of those social emotional cornerstones like pep rallies and Friday Night Football games, school can often feel like a robotic slog through all of the academic stuff without any of the peer-to-peer connections. That’s why we’ve put this open source spin on our EMC² Save Our Students activity line. Borrowing a ton of gameplay elements from the wildly popular Among Us universe to foster some serious team spirit, this activity gives students the chance to play together as a team in a fight for your school! But they’ll need to watch out from those “Imposters” from your crosstown rivals!

Picture this: It’s the end of a unit and your class has the entire period to keep the lesson running smoothly by recapping everything that they can from the current unit of study. And they’ll need to work together! BUT…

There are EIGHT core tasks that need completing before the final bell sounds!

AND there’s a BONUS task that the teacher can roll out at random to make the game even harder!

ANNNND (at the teacher’s discretion!) a handful of 2-3 students onboard are IMPOSTERS who are secretly posing as members of the hardworking student body! While everyone else is working overtime to recap what they’ve learned, Imposters are intentionally making mistakes to the group’s efforts or even tinkering with other people’s answers before time runs out. Can your students sus out the Imposters AND solve all the activities before time runs out!? It’s a race against time AND a game of social strategy and deduction! Are you ready to SAVE OUR STUDENTS!? And which squad will reign supreme? 

Best of all: this open source game variant is designed with pop-and-swap flexibility. In just a few clicks of a mouse, you can trade out the default images of our sample template and its logos to customize the entire activity with the unique logos of your school and its nefarious crosstown rival! GO NORTH HUNTERDON HIGH SCHOOL LIONS! BEAT THOSE NO-GOOD VOORHEES VIKINGS!

(You get the idea).

Much like a class escape room, the S.O.S. activity creates an “all in this together” type atmosphere where students will be working together to solve EVERY single challenge at the same time. We’ve even included step-by-step instructions and blow-by-blow video tutorials to help you make sense of all the mayhem. Best of all: this “team against the clock” resource can bring virtual learners right into the thick of the action with their in-person peers! That means there’s zero time on the bench and a ton of fun to be had for everyone no matter where your students are getting into the game.

So watch out, Vikings. Lion pride is at an all time high and we’re coming for you!

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