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Camp Out with Season 1 of Sundown Showdown

EMC² Learning’s Sundown Showdown arrives on the scene with a full “season” of 12 different stand-alone activities, all wrapped together in a cleverly themed “camp against camp” pedagogy reminiscent of reality TV shows like Survivor. Simply pop this pedagogy open and play as many mini games as you’d like. If Sundown Showdown were a CBS show, this would probably be the time in our sneak preview where our charismatic host proudly declared something like “16 Americans. 39 days. One Survivor!”

Well in Sundown Showdown, we’ve got TWELVE brand new mini games. Five epic Ability categories. Four game-changing Power-Up Items. And 20 (yes, TWENTY) different “Special Events” designed to introduce some unexpected twists into any course and any content area that you can imagine. Check out just a few of the gamified Sundown Showdown challenges that this epic resource contains, including gamified upgrades on classroom standards like:

  • Frayer Models
  • Informative Timelines
  • Unit Vocabulary
  • Double Entry Diaries
  • Plus literally dozens more challenges testing Teamwork, Collaboration, and Communication

All neatly themed inside of a resource line where rival camps will compete to accomplish their very best work before a custom sunset countdown timer makes its way across the sky. Blending strategy, luck and creativity — Sundown Showdown is a madcap team against team pedagogy that puts your students right in the thick of the action. Campers ready? Go!

We hope you’ll consider joining us as a member of our EMC² Engagement Engineer community to access this resource and countless othersGive a click to this link for details and we’ll see you inside!

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