Candice Healing | 7th & 8th Grade

Candice Healing is a seventh and eighth grade teacher of English Language Arts and Math in her home town of Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Even though she’s a seasoned classroom teacher with more than two decades of teaching experience to her credit, Candice makes it her mission to dream up and design all sorts of creative and engaging instructional approaches for her students. And even though she’s learned plenty of tricks and strategies in her 24 years as a teacher, she simply refuses to settle for “good enough” when developing new ways to keep her students engaged.

Tired of Wasting Time and Money

Before the launch of EMC² Learning, I found myself spending lots of time online searching for resources. Sadly, it seems that no matter how much time I’d spend searching for new ideas and trying to find what I needed, the overwhelming majority of the stuff that I found were really just ordinary things that teachers have been doing for years. And what was worse: there was really no way to correlate resource quality with the price point that so many of these activities were charging. I found it really frustrating that many of the things you had to pay for weren’t really worth what they were charging. 

A Single Platform Inspires Endless Creativity

I signed up for EMC² Learning the first day it launched as I had been following John and Michael for awhile on Twitter. I had used some of the resources they shared on Twitter or in their books, but I was very excited to have a website with all their resources in one place. Boy, I was not disappointed!

Since I joined EMC² Learning, I haven’t had to waste time online searching for resources. Now I just have to decide which of the hundreds of resources to use. And none of them are boring worksheets. I love that when I find a resource it usually just takes minutes to prepare it for use with my students. They have so many different themes that I can choose from as well to fit the mood I’m trying to create in my class, and if they don’t have exactly what I want, it’s easy to switch some of the elements to what I want. I also like the quality of elements and artwork on the slides. No joke: I use an EMC² Learning resource almost every day in at least one of my classes. My students have even noticed that the activities I do are different and the slide decks are unique. More than one student has asked me where I get my activities. 

Low Prep Meets High Quality for All Kinds of Engagement

With EMC² Learning, it’s quick to find high quality resources for each of my classes and I can start using them right away with minimal prep time. And they aren’t the same things I’d been using for 20 years. In addition to the resources, I have really enjoyed the courses available on EMC² Learning as well. I enjoy the self paced courses and have grown immensely as a teacher since joining the site. My classes do not look the same as they did the first 20 years as a teacher, for which I’m very grateful. 

Now my students are engaged, they are trying new things all the time, and they don’t groan about the work I ask them to do. Many times I hear “Yes, this again!” from my students, or they are asking if we can do an activity again. And I have a lot more time than I used to!

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