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Discover Something EPIC with Uncharted Territories!

Looking to get your students to do a bit of creative writing? Want your room to be filled with the sound of excited explorers? We do too! We have the perfect solution… Welcome to our Uncharted Territories activities. 

Students will start with the map builder laying out the scene that they are creating. After this they start writing what is taking place in the story. Their creative juices flowing already from the visual creation of their maps. Once they are done writing their first scene they can then use the quest builder to add visual elements to have the story come to life. They can dot the landscape with graphics that emphasizes their story.  Have student read their creations once done or have them read after each story panel. 

This can be a group activity that has students working together to build the map and write the story. It can be a homework assignment or a fantastic side quest your students could attempt. So many ways to use this one!

Not sure how ambitious you’d like to be with your world building? We got you covered with two different variants of Uncharted Territories, one with square land tiles and one with hex land tiles. The difference between these two are just how advanced the builder tools are from one to the other. The square template has a smaller amount of land to choose from and needs less map tiles to by pasted in to complete the map portion. The hex version has many more graphic styles of the hexes and gives the builder many more options how their overall map will feel. Choose whatever one you want for your students. We feel that you might start with the square template and quickly move to the hex template as your students start fall in love with the creative story telling they can do with this tool!

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