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EMC² Learning Awarded International Spotlight Honors

This week, EMC² Learning is thrilled to announce that it has been recognized by HundrED a global mission-driven organization dedicated to transforming K12 education, as one of just twelve educational organizations selected for commendation in their 2024 Spotlight on Gamified Curricula. Each year, HundrED celebrates a diverse selection of ambitious education innovations; innovative, impactful and scalable approaches that are effective also in low resource environments and help our children flourish in life.

About HundrED
Based in Finland, HundrED is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping every child flourish by giving them access to quality education. They believe that with education innovations we can transform school systems and equip students with the skills to thrive as global citizens.

The world is full of hardworking educators who are driving innovative, impactful, and scalable approaches in education. HundrED’s mission is to give them the recognition and visibility they deserve. To date, the organization has reviewed upwards of some 
24,738 educational innovations from countries all around the world. From that list, HundrED has spotlighted just 702 innovations as among the most scalable and impactful in their field — and with the help of the organization’s amplification, HundrED continues to helped these innovations reach a staggering 3.89 billion students around the world.

For this year’s Spotlight on Gamified Curricula, HundrED joined in partnership with Supercell –the developer behind such popular gaming titles as “Clash of Clans” and “Brawl Stars”– to spotlight an elite handful of what they believe to be the most “impactful and scalable education innovations that offer educational programs and courses designed to incorporate game elements and/or are structured like games to upper secondary school learners aged 16–25.” We are thrilled to be counted among their ranks!

Here at EMC² Learning, we believe that gamification should be used systematically to create innovative learning environments. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of thousands of Engagement Engineers in classrooms around the world who are making use of resources and teaching strategies provided through the incredible EMC² Learning community. And by playing with purpose together, we can help continue to drive innovation in education and empowering students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

About The HundrED Global Spotlight Selection Process
HundrED and Supercell’s rigorous selection process involved reviewing 196 applications. The resulting shortlist of 23 innovations addressing Gamified Curricula were from 14 countries, spanning six continents. After a two week review by an independent Advisory Board of experts in gamification, HundrED and Supercell conferred again to select a final list of 12 highly impactful and scalable innovations.

About the Spotlight on Gamified Curricula
Gaming is an elemental part of young people’s lives, and the benefits of play-based learning have been well-documented. Learning can and should be fun, and this Spotlight sought practical examples of solutions that bring the benefits of gamification to upper secondary education.

Criteria for Consideration:

  • The innovation is geared towards upper secondary students, specifically students from marginalised groups aged 16-25.
  • The innovation fosters mental health, belonging, and empathy – and offers a curriculum that focuses on the fostering of whole individuals rather than just technical skills.
  • It fuses physical and digital – your curriculum has established a meaningful way of combining in-person and online/digital learning. 
  • The curriculum is steered for formal or non-formal education; for example, after-school programs, apprenticeships, and practical trainings.
  • The innovation bridges the gap between education and working life, especially in the gaming and entertainment industries.
About The Award Winners 
This Spotlight identified 12 innovations using a gamified curriculum that had achieved both scale and impact. Together, HundrED and Supercell invited all innovations in the field to help us deep-dive into the intersection of learning and digital play as careers in tech surge and video games cement themselves as the defining entertainment medium of our time.

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