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Fall in Love with Cupid’s Candy Challenge


Ready for a sweet upgrade to an everyday review activity? We’ve got the PERFECT way for your students to show what they know! Say hello to “Cupid’s Candy Challenge!” A seasonal twist on EMC² Learning’s beloved #CandyBarChallenge. This is a ZERO prep activity that’s perfect for any age level, course, or content area — and bound to inspire all sorts of colorful creations from your students.

We’ll let the “World’s Best Boss” show you how the game is played:


As our students are caught up in the sweet excitement of Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s Candy Challenge gives a seasonal twist to The #CandyBarChallenge and puts a mouth-watering spin on some seriously high level Bloom’s Taxonomy review. Perfect for head-to-head showdowns OR team against team competitions, the rules could not be easier:

1. Divide students into groups (or let them compete as individuals).

2. Set an overhead timer and challenge each team to write an original sentence about the current unit of study. The catch? 

3. Each sentence will need to incorporate the name of a famous candy or candy bar.

This one is trickier than it seems, and your students will have to work together to make their way through a some seriously clever content review — all wrapped inside of the candy coating of their choice! Let’s take a closer look at how the game is played with a few sample student submissions:

For a KING SIZED upgrade to this sweet approach to unit review, consider dividing students into competing teams and setting a large overhead timer. Then sit back and watch their creativity shine by asking teams to present their submissions as Google Slides! Feel free to lean into the spirit of friendly competition by having representatives from rival teams present a few key highlights from their respective lists once the timed round for creation has ended. The team with the most impressive collection of candy-inspired creations by the time that the timer expires will win the round! 

(And if you’re feeling extra generous — this is an excellent pedagogy to pair with a seasonal snack for every team once the game has ended. Halloween parties never had it so good!)

To help learners of all ages get their creative juices flowing for this challenge, we’ve whipped up a fully illustrated collection of in-class activity instruction slides. Teachers: give a click to the image below and they’re all yours! And to make things even sweeter for students, we’ve compiled a massive list of more than 400 different candy bar varieties from around the globe — and it’s all included right there inside of the resource download.

It’s all yours with a single mouse click. We can’t wait to see what your classes will create!


We hope you enjoy this free resource, and we'd love to hear how it works in your classroom! Share your story on social media using the hashtag #EMC2Learning

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