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Get in the Spirit of Halloween Memes

Trick or treat! The Spirit Halloween costume meme has been taking social media by storm. And here at EMC² Learning, we wanted to cook up an easy to use template that could help educators join in the fun. After all: what better way is there to celebrate spooky season than by showing off all sorts of creative, clever halloween costumes that can help our students connect our course content to this frightfully fun time of year?!

Thanks to this easy to use Halloween costume-themed Google Slides template and the amazing (and free!) online tool available on remove.bg, teachers can add instant life to any lesson plan! The only question now is… what sort of kooky, spooky costumes can your students come up with to connect what they’re learning in class to the spirit and excitement of this frightfully fun time of year?

To join in the virtual costume party, simply download this free and fully editable Google Slides template. Then turn a copy of the resource over to your students and let their creativity run wild! Share your masterpieces on social media and don’t forget to include the hashtag #EMC2Learning. We can’t wait to see what sort of happy haunts you’ll scare up!

Be as literal as you’d like OR challenge your students to really think outside the box as they dream up all sorts of colorful, creative costumes inspired by your content area. Just imagine the energy in your classroom for the day as you roll out a lesson plan with these wacky parameters:

  • HISTORY: We just finished studying (historical period x). Select any person from this period and design a Halloween costume that would help us dress the part of this historic individual.

  • ENGLISH: In (novel x), characters play all sorts of roles. Imagine it was Halloween — and you have the chance to select the perfect costume for each character based on the kinds of personality traits that they’ve displayed so far throughout the book. How would each character dress? And why?!

  • SCIENCE: As we study the elements of the Periodic Table, we’re quickly coming to see that each of these different elements almost takes on a sort of “personality” of their own with the way that they behave around other elements. Let’s take this same analogy one step further and help our Periodic Table Pals pick out their perfect Halloween Costumes to let the world know who they really are. What might it look like if Aluminum were turned into a giant Halloween Costume? Could Oxygen find a few free electron pals and make for a hilarious group costume?

  • BUSINESS: Sometimes it can be fun to laugh at ourselves! Think about some of the common misconceptions that surround the job of working at a Silicon Valley startup or a high tech Fortune 500 company. Or imagine yourself as a wildly successful YouTube personality or Twitch streamer. What sort of accessories and wardrobe elements do you think would be essential to creating your “personal brand” as a success in any of these spaces? Don’t be afraid to use your costume to flex your self-employment status and poke fun at those narrow-minded stereotypes to show the world what true success really looks like!

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