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Take your teacher training to the next level by inviting the EMC² team along to your event and let’s change the game together. When we’re not writing, researching, or working on all sorts of cool resources for this site, Michael and John are both real, live working classroom teachers! We know student engagement from firsthand experience in our day to day work as classroom educators, and we’ve seen the transformative power of what playful learning can do.

Michael is a sixth grade social studies teacher, a 2015 ASCD Emerging Leader, author of eXPlore Like a Pirate, and the founder of the annual HiveSummit — which draws upwards of 20,000 educators together for a free week of virtual PD every summer. He’s also a seasoned presenter and a dynamic keynote speaker who’s fun and captivating approach to professional development and teacher training leaves educators inspired, excited, and empowered to bring the power of play into their everyday work. Some of his recent keynotes include presentations for the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and the DitchThatTextbook summit.

John teaches eleventh grade English and works as a high school instructional coach. He’s the creator of the viral worldwide #EggDashChallenge and the author of EDrenaline Rush, which Book Authority ranked among the 20 titles on their list of the “100 Best Teaching Books of All Time. John’s high-energy presentation style brings all the hype and hullaballoo of your favorite sporting event and pairs it with all the heart and soul of Maria Montessori and more than a decade’s worth of classroom experience in both the public and private school environments. John is a 2017 ASCD Emerging Leader and was named one of Arlington, Virginia’s “40 Under 40.”

Whether we’re coming to you LIVE or working with your teachers remotely in a virtual training, the EMC² team is excited to work with you to develop a personalized PD program to meet the unique needs of your teachers. We pride ourselves on our lifelong commitment to “student engagement at the speed of life,” and we can’t wait to show you how our one-two-punch of experience and innovation can help you deliver game-changing results in classrooms at any age.

Interested in bringing the EMC² team to your event? We’d love to connect with you. Click here to learn all about our solutions for schools and organizations.

Jennifer L. Toney, Ph.D.
Jennifer L. Toney, Ph.D.Third Grade English Language Arts Teacher
This is what learning should feel like! So inspired! ? I can’t even! EVERYONE should experience this.
Danielle Sabato
Danielle SabatoHigh School Math Teacher
This was the best PD I have taken. Let me know when he is doing any more. Loved it!!!!!!!!
Jill Oliver
Jill OliverLibrary Media Assistant
I swear every time I see
present I walk away wanting to gamify everything. Like literally everything.
Margaret Harris-Shoates
Margaret Harris-ShoatesInstructional Coach

"This site is a total game changer for both me and my students! Thanks for all the ways you level up my learning and classroom."
Carol McLaughlin
1-8 Teacher

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