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Join the Binge Learning Blockbuster with New Skill Builder Courses

Get your popcorn ready!!!

Are you ready to shake things up in the classroom? We’ve got the perfect way to bust your students out of those sleepy mid-winter doldrums! This week, we’re thrilled to announce that nine epic titles are joining the ever-expanding EMC² Learning Skill Builders Video Collection. And this all new collection is going to knock your socks off… from the comfort of your very own couch!

The all-new lineup includes nine self-paced video courses that are now available for on-demand streaming for Engagement Engineers and Creative Corps teachers.

We know that you’re always on the lookout for ways to bring more energy, excitement, and creativity into your lessons, and that’s exactly what these courses are all about. Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie, these self-paced video courses will give you all the resources you’ll need to tap into cutting edge tools and teaching strategies that can turn everyday lessons into those truly unforgettable experiences that can withstand the test of time.

(Sorry, Blockbuster. Too soon?)

So, grab your laptop, kick back, and get ready to binge-watch your way to an amazing year of teaching! You’ll find the Skill Builders Collection waiting for you in your EMC² Learning dashboard.

Nine New Ways to Play

Nine new self-paced video courses have joined the ever-expanding lineup of EMC² Learning Skill Builders! Each course is jam-packed with ways to help you add life, innovation and excitement to your lesson plan. And the best part? These courses can be binge watched at any time that works for you — which makes them an invaluable addition to any teacher’s proverbial bag of tricks. Here’s a peek at what each of these courses has to offer:

An Eye for AI: Basics of ChatGPT and Beyond
Develop an eye for AI in this self-paced Skill Builder course that’s all about the awesome (and, frankly, at times terrifying!) future of learning thanks to cutting-edge technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT software. Whether you’re an educator who is brand new to AI or a savvy computer-minded classroom innovator, this course will provide thought provoking conversation, practical examples, and actionable takeaways to help you master the basics of the tech in no time. Topics include safety and privacy concerns, creative possibilities, and sample classroom applications of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT — all facilitated by a real, live human instructor at every step along the way!  

5 Ways to Fix It: Warm Ups
There’s an old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And to help you start your class off on the right foot, this video series is all about Warm-Ups. The “5 Ways to Fix It” Skill Builder series is a set of self-paced video courses that aim to help teachers tackle common challenges in the classroom. The courses provide various creative solutions and show teachers how to use resources available on the EMC² Learning platform to add excitement and playfulness to their lessons. 

Google Sites Setup
Set your stopwatches… because this all-new Skill Builder you will have your Google site up and running in less than 1 hour. Additionally, you will learn some great tips and tricks for building out your site to make it clean, simple, and looking slick. Whether you’re launching a massive online hub to serve as the home screen for a full year of gamified fun or simply creating a digital syllabus with relevant links to your course materials, we’ve got you covered. Google Sites are one of our favorite ways to extend instruction beyond the four walls of a brick and mortar classroom — and there is no coding or fancy tech skills required!

Effective Strategies for Group Work
Team up with EMC² Learning for a crash course in all things team-based! Around these parts, we often like to say that all great classroom gamification can usually be broken down into a three step process of theme, teams, and tasks. And this course is an exploration into the power of creating effective groups. It offers so many tips to get your students working together at peak performance. Along the way you will learn not only tricks, but even some tools will be shared. Come along for the ride as we explore how to amp up your group work in your class.

Fantastic Foldables
Looking to take a break from all of that screen time? We don’t blame you! And in this Skill Builder, we’re cracking open the books for an old school pedagogy that is oh so awesome! Dive into this skill builder to learn about how you can add foldables to just about any lesson in no time at all. These will start to appear in your class left and right as they are fun, useful, and easy to setup. Grab some paper and enjoy building out some of these in your class.

Creating a PLN That Works for You
We’ve often heard it said that if you’re consistently the smartest person in the room, then you’re probably in the wrong room. Thankfully, building a Professional Learning Network (or “PLN”) can help you create an infinite runway for growth and learning no matter where you happen to reside. This Skill Builder will have you motived to create a community of educators that will push you to your edge. It is important to surround ourselves with people who make us better and this is the first step with this Skill Builder. Give it a try today and in less then an hour you will be filled with ideas and an enthusiasm to create positive change in your classroom or school.

Lesson Makeover: Season 2
Back by popular demand, in season two of Lesson Plan Makeover we dive into three great EMC² Learning resources that can quickly be added to your instructional “toolbox” for just about any class you can think of. Over the course of these self-paced video tutorials, we take a closer look at Happy Green Boxes, Text Quest, and Traps & Treasures to show educators simple strategies for bringing playful pedagogy to life in classrooms of any age. Gamification never felt so easy! And these resources all center around literacy skills such as writing, reading, and annotation. Give this a watch and you will be off to the races with some great ideas for your next lesson, unit, or whole class year!

5 Ways to Fix It: Getting Our Students Talking
“5 Ways to Fix It” is a self-paced video skill builder course series designed to help teachers examine a particular pain point in our classrooms from multiple angles. Along the way, we’ll explore a handful of creative solutions while providing suggestions on how to incorporate specific resources available inside of the EMC² Learning platform to bring life and playful energy to our lesson plans. This installment in the 5 Ways to Fix It family is all about playful ways to get our students out of their shells and talking with their classmates!

Gamification Control Tower
Ready to take your teaching game to the ultimate level of fun and excitement? In this course you will learn both the why and the how behind the Gamification Control Tower — a fully editable resource available to all Engagement Engineers as part of their annual membership with EMC² Learning. First up, a short video on why and where you can use it at all in your course. This is followed by a series of in depth videos on each tab of the control tower. Go as deep or as wide as you’d like! This robust sheet is packed with potential and will allow anyone to build just about any game into their class. Dive in with Michael Matera and start to setup your game today!

EMC² Learning is home to more than 500 fully editable resources for any course or content area. Engagement Engineers and members of the Creative Corps enjoy a full year of access to each of these resources on demand. We hope you’ll consider joining us to unlock a full year of site access. For complete details including our exclusive limited time offer for annual site membership, click here.

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