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Let’s Get Cracking With the Sneaky Cell Phone Snoop!

What would happen if you found yourself in possession of the long lost cell phone that was once owned by one of the most celebrated figures in all of world history? Or one of the most notorious villains in all literature? One of the planet’s most celebrated minds in math or science? Or one of the brilliant geniuses behind the greatest compositions in music or art? 

(I mean… who knew they even owned a smartphone, right?!)

With the Sneaky Cell Phone Snoop, students will be divided into small teams and be given identical copies of this fully editable Google Slides template. Their goal? Work with their teammates to solve the secrets that lie inside of each of the six unique challenges hidden within this forgotten device:

  • Design Your Own Lock Screen
  • What Are Your Eight Favorite Apps?
  • Who’s In Your Top Five Contacts?
  • Let’s Peek Into Your Text Messages
  • Check Out This Top Secret Voicemail
  • Design Your Own Cell Phone Case

Use your teammates, your creativity, and your textbook to construct a masterpiece that will make your creation shine! 

But be warned: the owner of this cell phone will be back to retrieve their lost device by the time class reaches it’s end. And rival teams will be working at the same time to discover the secrets in this incredible device. They will be hard at work trying to piece together the information that it contains at the same time as your team makes sense of everything in the challenges before you. The team with the strongest overall product when time runs out will be declared the winner!

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