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Maximum Engagement from Station to Station

From Crossfit to Orange Theory and just about every trendy new workout craze in between, we’ve noticed a pretty clear trend. Muscle Confusion is actually, like, a really healthy way to mix up your physical fitness routine! It turns out that there a million ways to exercise your various muscle sets — and the best way to keep yourself strong is never to hammer any one particular area for too long of a time.

We used this same spirit to dream up all of the activities inside of our Station 2 Station resource line, and it offers a game-changing twist on the old school “divide into groups and do some work over there” routine that far too often leads to off-task, distracted, and directionless student teams that end up totally dependent on a teacher having to be everywhere at once. Our goal when designing this game-inspired pedagogy was to tap into the power of small group learning and old-school stations, while at the same time encouraging a friendly bit of competition in a team-against-team challenge where the difficulty is completely scalable as the game goes on. With Station 2 Station, student teams compete in fully customizable mental workout circuit — always pushing themselves (and their competition!) to go harder and harder in the daily quest to claim the elusive Gold Medal.

And if you asked us? The best part about the Station 2 Station approach to old-school teamwork is that it can be used again and again across multiple days in a unit — just like a great workout regimen! But the level of competition between teams will invariably heat up day after day as you go, and that means that the rising tide will lift all ships to the point where your final day of the unit will always demand infinitely harder work than the challenges on the first day. The best games always reward repeat play with the ability to level up our skills with new challenges as we go. We’re thrilled to offer our entire never-before-shared Station 2 Station resource line here at EMC² Learning as just one of the many game-inspired classroom pedagogies that can help you lose that lecture and put your students squarely at the center of some serious play. Plus we’re adding new variants to the line all the time! So you can put your own spin on this playful activity again and again.

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"This site is a total game changer for both me and my students! Thanks for all the ways you level up my learning and classroom."
Carol McLaughlin
1-8 Teacher

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