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Prime Time for Something Amazin’!

Welcome to the Amazin’ Online Marketplace! This one-stop-shop virtual shopping experience is home to quite literally ANY item that you can imagine. Your goal? Help us dream up a full-blown product portfolio using the interactive templates provided in the slides that follow. We have five separate pages that will require your students’ close attention to detail:

  • Home Screen
  • Product Page
  • Related Items
  • Seller Q&A
  • Buyer Feedback
For this activity, we recommend dividing your students into competing teams of 4-5 online retailers working together on a single slide deck. Their mission: work with their teammates to develop a slide collection that tells the full story of a single product that would be of the greatest interest to the unit that we are currently studying. Take your time, talk it out, and make something Amazin’!
Simply share a copy of this fully editable Online Marketplace slideshow with each of your students (or groups!) and they’ll have everything they need to start building something amazing. 
Here’s a closer look at each of the five activities that this resource contains:

Home Screen
On this page, students have the chance to flesh out the broader “universe” in which their creation might reside. If, for example, you were teaching a middle school history unit on Ancient Rome — what sorts of searches, products, and promotions might be of greatest interest to folks like Julius Caesar and his ilk?

Product Page
This fully editable page is the centerpiece of your students’ creation. It gives them the chance to hone in on a single item and put together a detailed look at just why, exactly, customers will be clamoring to take this collectible home. Whether you’re a Film Studies course solving the mystery of Citizen Kane’s famous “Rosebud” sled or a biology classroom taking a deep dive into a high tech microscope, this is an excellent way to challenge your students to tell the story of what’s most important from your current of study and WHY!

Related Items
The third editable slide in the portfolio will test your students’ ability to think laterally. On this page, they’ll use the click-and-replace feature to give audiences a more lived in perspective of some of the other items that narrowly missed the cut of being their team’s spotlight product. So if, for example, you’re a sixth grade Spanish class studying the Mexican custom of the Dia De Los Muertos — this page offers students the opportunity to tell the story of all of the smaller items that might have made their way onto the traditional ofrenda alongside the single item that was spotlighted on the previous slide.

Seller Q&A
This slide offers a one-two punch of creative storytelling potential. On the lefthand side, students can click and drag any of the slidable orange bars or delete the stacks of star reviews (each time you delete a layer of the tiny star image, the image will automatically reduce by one half of a star) to change the overall rating of the spotlighted product. And on the righthand side of the template, students have the chance to go inside the mind of their fictional shop owner to offer in-character responses to the typical array of questions that might come their way as potential customers size up this virtual storefront.

Buyer Feedback
On the final slide in the presentation, everybody’s a critic! And this gives your students the opportunity to provide a detailed look from the customer’s perspective of just what it might be like to own the spotlight product that they’ve created. Imagine your high school English classroom just finished reading the story of Prince Hamlet and a team found particular delight in that bloody scene where Polonius meets his untimely end after getting stabbed to death behind a tapestry. What might it look like if that same infamous wall-hanging was on sale in a virtual storefront? And how might different customers have vastly different opinions about the product’s value?

Polonius: Zero out of five. Do not purchase this item! Very dangerous.

Prince Hamlet: Product works great as a room divider! But be warned that the fabric is too thick, so you can’t really see who’s behind it too well.

We can’t wait to see what you and your students will dream up 🙂

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