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Team Bracket Madness Marches In!


Why sit on the sidelines when you can get your classes in the game? March bracket tournaments have transformed a once-passive sea of spectators into a passionate generation of superfans, creating unprecedented levels of engagement and sparking in-depth familiarity with player performance data, scoring statistics, and next-generation sabermetrics. So what happens when you pit George Washington against Abe Lincoln in a battle of “All Time Greatest American Presidents?”  Or who would you pick in a head-to-head showdown of “Most Influential Work of Literature” between The Great Gatsby and The Hate U Give?

You’ve probably seen tournament style activities in the past, but The EMC² Team Bracket Madness resource takes this pedagogy to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. Fully illustrated and ready for detailed pop-and-swap student “Scouting Reports” plus the high energy tournament activity itself — this resource is super scalable for any course or content area. Put power of bracketology to work in your instruction, driving engagement through the roof with a high-energy tournament that turns everyday classrooms into cheering crowds of student-centered learning (no joke- students actually stand up and CHEER for their favorites). This student activity offers Engagement Engineers detailed lesson planning tools, strategies to scale this resource into an activity that can span anything from a single class period to an entire unit, and the chance to hear excerpts from two sample “games.”

It’s the perfect way to tap into the madness of March and get your classes caught up in all the hype and hullaballoo of your current unit of study, and is an awesome way for teachers of any course to get your students off of the bench!

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"This site is a total game changer for both me and my students! Thanks for all the ways you level up my learning and classroom."
Carol McLaughlin
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