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Want to Unlock An Avalanche of Ideas for Your Classroom?

Is it possible for in-school activities to be even more fun than a snow day?

Keeping our students engaged can be a challenge, especially during the winter months. That’s why this week, EMC² Learning has rolled together a collection of chilly and creative activities that can help teachers start to build some serious momentum for student engagement — just like a snowball rolling down the mountainside! Each of these activities are hands-on, interactive, and packed with student-centered fun and excitement, making them the perfect way to make the most of these chillies days of the year.

As members of EMC2 Learning, you make it possible for us to keep creating and sharing a wide variety of resources that are designed to bring creativity and innovation to classrooms around the world. With over 500 resources available on our platform, all fully editable for any course or content area, we’re thrilled to be able to support and empower educators like you to make a real difference in the classroom.

So what are you waiting for, Engagement Engineers and Creative Corps teachers!? There’s “snow” time like today to start having a ball in your classroom.

Cold Weather = Even Cooler Teaching

Even though winter is famous for bringing the cold, EMC² Learning can’t help but feel the warm and fuzzies when we hear success stories from Engagement Engineers who are turning some of the “cool” resources available from our platform into incredible classroom activities for their students. 

Take a look at this email we received this week from Mr. Andrew Menard, a fourth grade math and science teacher from Denver, Colorado:

“Took me a while to get this note out, but wanted to let you know how I used Winter Wonderland Text Quest during the final week before winter break. Our school had a Winter Wonderland Theme for that week, including a door decorating contest, winter movie trivia challenges, etc., so your theme worked great right out of the box!

I made a few modifications and created a Math Quest for my two 4th grade math sections. For the Daily Debate I posted easy, medium and hard error analysis problems for teams. I kept the 5-minute format and teams had to identify the mistake, offer an explanation for why that mistake might have occurred and provide the correct solution. Debates were rather uninspired on Monday, but by Friday teams were trying to outdo each other by including as much math vocabulary as they could, and even offered multiple reasons as to why the problem may have been solved incorrectly. Amazing to see such growth in such a small amount of time.

The second part of the daily challenge was simply independent work from our regular math lesson for the day. The only difference was that each correct student answer earned a point for their team. Kids couldn’t wait to find out who landed on the podium each day!

This activity really kept kids engaged and working up to the last minute every day. At the end of the week, I awarded badges (worth descending XP) for teams finishing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Thanks for the great resource, I plan to return to it a few more times this year using different themes.”

Snowball Swap is Super Cool

There’s a chill in the air and a frosty breeze in the sky. What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than with a good old fashioned snowball fight? Grab some blank sheets of paper and let’s play!

Can You Survive the Snowscape?

Stranded in the Snowscape is a classroom friendly variation of a real-life survival training exercise that has been conducted in wilderness retreats and military trainings all around the world. It’s also an excellent way to get your students collaborating!

Break the Ice for Semester II

Let’s be honest: how many times can our students actually play “two truths and a lie” before the novelty wears off? Start the new semester off with a bang because Icebreaker Upgrade is here to give your classes a better way to play.

Creativity on Full Display

Looking to shake up a traditional assessment? Grab some art supplies and let your lesson plan run wild with imagination in the Snow Globe Shake Up! Your students can’t help but get swept up in the fun as your classroom becomes a blizzard of creativity.

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