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We Made A Thing

PS: Dig this comic book-like presentation? It’s a fully editable Google Slides template, and just one of the hundreds of resources already available to our community of EMC² Engagement Engineers! We’re talking endlessly resizable comic strip panels, fully illustrated text boxes, sticker sets, word art combinations — the whole nine yards. No joke: it took us well north of 40 combined man hours to build this sucker out! But now it’s fully customizable for any course or content area, and you can remix it for any project you can imagine. We can’t wait to see what you and your students will create!

We hope you’ll consider joining us as a member of our EMC² Engagement Engineer community to access this resource and countless others. Give a click to this link for details and we’ll see you inside!

"This site is a total game changer for both me and my students! Thanks for all the ways you level up my learning and classroom."
Carol McLaughlin
1-8 Teacher

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