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First things first: THANK YOU for your enthusiastic support as we embark of this awe-inspiring journey together! We are so incredibly grateful for your willingness to share your excitement and love for dynamic, student-centered teaching with us, and we are honored that resources EMC² Learning are finding a great home in the classrooms of passionate educators around the world. There’s plenty more to come and we absolutely couldn’t do this without you! 

We sincerely believe that the very best teaching is relational, and that’s why we created this site as a place for passionate educators to connect, engage, and draw inspiration from the awe-inspiring work that we get to do together in this noble profession. Great teaching takes time and tremendous effort, and we are so excited to share the first stages of our work with our core team of Engagement Engineers. We’re here with you at every step of the way, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve created here for you.

That said…

Resource libraries on the bleeding edge of innovation are bound to have some unexpected growing pains along the way. That’s where you, our trusted corps of Engagement Engineers come in. So if you run into a dead link or a dead end, we’d be tremendously grateful if you’d be so kind as to drop us a line using the super handy form with the Big Red Button Over There™.

Alright. That’s quite enough yammering from us — so let the games begin! The icons on the left hand navigation menu will walk you through pretty much everything you might need as you go. Simply give a rollover on any of those elements to see what sorts of fun stuff lives in each area of the site. And again, please pardon our dust if you run into any snags. We’re here to help and we cannot thank you enough for supporting this awesome endeavor.

Welcome once again to the EMC² team!


Known Issues:


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