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Where Will Your Text Quest Take You?

Text Quest is a plug-and-play pedagogy that can quickly be adapted to any course or content area. In short: it’s lightning fast Gamification 101 — built for rapid replay value and a highly engaging rinse-and-repeat twist on what could easily be scaled up to a full 30-45 minutes of a whole bunch of multiple classes in a row. To wit: Text Quest transforms any lesson plan into a living, breathing, class-wide Role Playing Game in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons, where competing bands of heroes will need to work together to solve elaborate riddles and challenges inspired by your course content. Using the fully editable Google Slides templates included in this resource download, each class’s lesson plan becomes a new “Episode” in your ever-unfolding journey throughout the unit of study. n In a Text Quest, each episode will offer groups the chance to compete in TWO separate challenges per day as they:

A) Discover the latest chapter of your class’s storyline

B) Encounter familiar heroes from the theme of your adventure

C) Collect valuable items to add to their team’s inventory, and…

D) Unlock extra special power-up abilities to give their group an extra boost or advantage as teams compete to become the end-of-unit champ!

Our first batch of Text Quests will take you on adventures to Ninja Temples, Gladiator Arenas, Runaway Riverboats, and Mythical Kingdoms. But we’ve got dozens more in store that will be making their way to the site in the weeks ahead! This gamified activity is highly customizable for all sorts of lessons, and is best used across a series of multiple days of instruction in close succession (example: a one week unit of five class meetings). Truly: the only limit to your adventure is your imagination! 

So where will your Text Quest take you?!


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