Whether you’re in the mood for full body activities that get students up and out of their seats, or in search of more seated (but no less strategic) challenges that will push your classrooms to the limits of collaborative thinking, we’ve got you covered. Help students get to know a new batch of teammates or kick off a new unit of study with a themed challenge that will force your learners to think outside of the box. The activities contained in the blue section offer multiple variations of a few of our favorite marshmallow-infused team builders, while each of the activities listed in the white section provides your students with all new ways to connect with their classmates and your course content.


Marshmallow Challenge

Widely considered to be the pinnacle of team building activities, The Marshmallow Challenge pits competing squads of students in a race against the clock to construct the tallest tower they can using only a limited number of supplies. But the challenge is harder than it looks! As they say, what goes up…

Marshmallow Madness

Looking to add some collaborative chaos to your team building repertoire? This action-packed STEM activity challenges student engineers to design their very own working catapults using only a handful of common office supplies. And once the build is complete, it’s time to send marshmallows flying!


Go way beyond those awkward icebreakers with a dynamic team building activity that will elicit all sorts of collaboration and critical thinking.

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